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Is Bundling AT&T Phone and Internet Worth It?

Get 25% off your phone plan

AT&T dishes out generous internet deals for new customers, and you’re destined to get a particularly sweet one when you bundle an AT&T internet plan and cell phone plan together.

If you’re a current AT&T internet customer, you get 25% off a month when you sign up for an unlimited AT&T phone plan.

It’s always nice to get a deal on phone and internet—but how good are these deals? Read on for our guide on how to take advantage of this bundle bonanza.

Are you eligible for an AT&T bundle deal?

Run a search with your zip code below to see if you can get AT&T internet in your area. You need both an internet plan and a phone plan to get in on this bundle bonanza.

How do you get an AT&T mobile and internet bundle deal?

You can get an AT&T mobile and internet bundle by signing up for an AT&T unlimited phone plan when you’re already an AT&T internet customer. This gets you a 25% monthly discount on your phone service. You have to be a current AT&T customer and add another service to get the benefit. Unlike traditional bundle deals, you can’t order the two plans together (like you can with typical TV and internet bundle offers, for example).

Pro tip: Find other AT&T deals

In addition to the bundle offer, you can find other AT&T deals when you sign up for an internet or phone plan. Take a look at our best internet deals guide for a full rundown.

What phone and internet plans qualify for AT&T bundle deals?

To get the 25% discount, you can pair any AT&T internet plan with one of AT&T’s unlimited phone plans. The eligible plans are Unlimited Starter, Unlimited Extra, and Unlimited Premium, and they cost between $65 and $85 a month before the discount.

AT&T internet plans

PackagePriceDownload speedView on AT&T’s site
Internet 300$55.00/mo.*300Mbps
Internet 500$65.00/mo.500Mbps
Internet 1000$80.00/mo.1,000Mbps
Internet 2000$125.00/mo.§2,000Mbps
Internet 5000$225.00/mo.5,000Mbps

AT&T unlimited phone plans

PlanPrice (1 line)Price when you bundle with a fiber planMonthly bundle savingsPremium dataHotspot dataOrder online
AT&T Unlimited Starter® SL$65.99/mo.$48.75/mo.$16.25None (speeds can be slowed during network congestion)3GB
AT&T Unlimited Extra® EL$75.99/mo.$56.25/mo.$18.7550GB (after which speeds can be slowed)15GB
AT&T Unlimited Premium® PL$85.99/mo.$63.75/mo.$21.25Unlimited premium data (speeds never slowed)50GB

Is it a good idea to bundle an AT&T phone plan with an AT&T internet plan?

It sure is a good idea to bundle your AT&T internet and phone plans—especially if you already have one of these AT&T plans. AT&T’s 5G coverage is a bit underwhelming, delivering slower speeds than Verizon and T-Mobile. But the carrier gets excellent ratings for its 4G LTE cellular coverage. And AT&T Fiber internet delivers top speeds and reliable connectivity at an affordable price. Getting all that at a discount is a no-brainer.

That said, you have better options if you’re looking for a true budget-saving deal. See our section farther down on this page for internet and cellular bundle options that are much easier on your budget.

Excellent fiber speeds and termsBelow-average 5G speeds on AT&T cellular
Excellent 4G LTE coverageHigh price for unlimited phone plans
Significant annual savingsConfusing sign-up requirements (deals differ depending on the type of AT&T customer you are)

Does AT&T operate in your area?

Run a search with your zip code below to see if you can get AT&T internet where you live.

Expert opinion: Get a prepaid plan instead if you’re on a budget

For all the benefits of an AT&T bundle, this isn’t the way to go if you’re looking for a budget deal. A prepaid phone plan doesn’t require a credit check or annual contract and costs a lot less than what you would pay for one of AT&T’s flagship unlimited phone plans. And some cable internet providers offer solid plans for much less than $50 a month.

AT&T bundle deal vs. other budget phone and internet options

Phone and internet bundleTotal price for combined plansInternet speedMonthly dataOrder online
AT&T Unlimited Extra® EL + AT&T Fiber Internet 300$111.25/mo. (after 25% discount)300Mbps50GB (after which speeds can be slowed)
AT&T Prepaid 16GB + AT&T Fiber Internet 300$80.00/mo. (requires $300 payment upfront for phone plan)300Mbps16GB (after which speeds can be slowed)
Visible + AT&T Fiber Internet 300$80.00/mo.300MbpsSpeeds may be slowed during network congestionView Plans

Compared to AT&T’s unlimited bundle deal, you save an easy $31 a month when you pair an AT&T fiber internet plan with a prepaid phone plan. That’s without any discount at all—which just goes to show that there are plenty of ways to save your mun-muns when you’re signing up for phone and internet.

The drawback, of course, is that you don’t get as much data on a prepaid plan compared to AT&T’s unlimited plans. You also don’t get other perks, like discounts on a new phone, and your cellular service may be weaker in times of network congestion because AT&T customers will take precedent. Still, you save a ton of money and you can count on your phone working fine most of the time.

Pro tip: Get a cable internet plan to pay less than $50 a month

One of the best ways to get a low-cost internet plan is by going with a cable internet provider like Xfinity or Astound Broadband. Both providers offer plans for under $50 a month. Another great option is getting a 5G Home Internet plan from Verizon or T-Mobile, which gives you service at a fixed rate with no extra fees.

Take a look at our guide to the best cheap internet for more recommendations.

FAQ about AT&T mobile and internet bundles

Can I bundle my AT&T phone and internet?

Yes, you can bundle your AT&T phone and internet plans.

Can I get a bundle discount with AT&T Fixed Wireless internet?

No, unfortunately AT&T fixed wireless internet is not eligible for these bundle offers.

What are the benefits of AT&T’s internet and mobile bundle?

You get 25% percent off your phone plan when you combine the two.

What mobile plans are included in AT&T’s internet and mobile bundle?

Any unlimited AT&T phone plan qualifies you for a 25% monthly discount when you bundle with AT&T Fiber. These plans include Unlimited Starter, Unlimited Extra, and Unlimited Premium.


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