What cables do I need to connect my router to my computer?


There are many factors that determine the equipment and cables needed to connect a computer or other Wi-Fi enabled device to a wireless router. The most common types of connections use a USB or an Ethernet cable. Most new computers also allow you to connect to the router via Wi-Fi instead of hassling with cords and cables. Instructions for different types of connections are detailed below.  

How do I connect my router to my laptop or PC?

  Connecting via USB:
  • What you need: An available USB port on your computer, an available USB port on your router, and a USB cable.
  • How you connect: Turn off your computer and plug one end of the USB cable into the computer and the other into the router. Once both ends of the cable are plugged in, restart your computer.
Connecting via Ethernet cable:
  • What you need: An Ethernet cable.
  • How you connect: Turn off your computer. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on your computer and the other end into the Wide Area Network (WAN) port on the router. Once everything is plugged in, restart your computer.
If you connect using USB or Ethernet, you should check the connection after your computer reboots to make sure that everything is working. Once your computer is up and running, go to the “Control Panel” to check the network connection. Connecting via Wi-Fi:
  • What you need: A computer with an installed Wi-Fi adaptor that is compatible with the router’s Wi-Fi adaptor.
  • How you connect: Make sure your wireless router is set up and that you have configured the wireless network. Your router should have specific instructions on how to complete the setup. Once the router is ready, search for available networks on your computer. Select your home network from the list and enter your password, then click “Connect.”
You do not need to restart your computer to check your network connection if you connected to the router via Wi-Fi. You should be able to immediately start browsing the Internet.  

How do I connect my router to Sky box?

Connecting your Sky box to your router is simple. You do not need any cables, as the Sky box is designed to connect wirelessly. There are two ways to connect, depending on whether or not your router has a Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button. This button may also look like two arrows forming a circle. You can find the button on the front panel of your Sky box.  If your router has a WPS button:
  • Press and hold the WPS button on the router for two seconds.
  • Within one minute of activating the WPS button on the router, press the WPS button on the front of your Sky box.
  • While the box attempts to establish a connection, the wireless light on the front will flash amber. Once the Internet connection is established, the light will stop blinking.
If your router doesn’t have a WPS button:
  • Access the settings menu by pressing “Services” on your Sky box remote control. Use the arrow buttons to go to the settings menu and select “Network.”
  • Next, use your remote to navigate to “Connect with Password” and press “Select.”
  • You should see a list of available networks. Find your wireless network and select it from the list. If you aren’t sure what your wireless network is called, you can find it on the base or back of your router along with the password.
  • Use the keypad on the remote control to enter your password. Once the password is entered, press “Select” to connect. Passwords are case sensitive, so be sure to properly enter lower- and uppercase letters.
  Now that you understand the basics of connecting to a router, it’s time to make that connection and get on the Internet.   Back to FAQ Questions

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