Internet Providers in Anchorage, AK

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1. Hughesnet
Satellite 99% Availability in Anchorage

Available Speeds in

Mbps download
1 Mbps upload

2. Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc.
DSL 12% Availability in Anchorage

Available Speeds in

Mbps download
768 Mbps upload

3. GCI Communication Corp.
Cable 99% Availability in Anchorage

Available Speeds in

Mbps download
3 Mbps upload

Internet Provider types in Anchorage

  • DSL - 99% Coverage
  • Cable - 99% Coverage

Internet Provider availability in Anchorage, AK

100% Availability in Anchorage

100% Availability in Anchorage

84% Availability in Anchorage

Broadband Internet availability

Anchorage 84%

Alaska 61%

Maximum Internet speed in Anchorage

Providers offering maximum speeds:

  • GCI Communication Corp.

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Customer Reviews of Internet Providers in Anchorage

I really like GCI's customer service. I also like how they have a warning when you are reaching your internet limit, which saves me money.

Julie HelmAnchorage , AK2016-10-15

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We have more outages than I would expect. We probably call at least once a month to get the box reset and have also had to replace our box a few times a year. The reps are pleasant, but it is still a nuisance to get things working each time. I'm not sure about the price/value as they are the only cable company available.

Bonnie ClyneAnchorage , AK2014-12-30

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