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TDS Telecom Internet Review

TDS Telecom provides a lot of internet options in areas where good alternatives are needed.

TDS Telecom

Price: Location dependent*
Speeds: 1Mbps–2,000Mbps
Data cap: 500GB–Unlimited
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Provider star ratings are based on user reviews and our independent customer satisfaction survey.

Our TDS Telecom internet review

TDS Telecom operates in rural and suburban areas throughout the U.S. Although it has a much smaller coverage area than most nationwide providers, most states have at least a handful of areas where TDS offers service.

Much like its coverage area, TDS Telecom’s plans are a bit sporadic, with fiber, cable, and DSL available in different regions. Not all plans are available in all regions, so it’s important to know which options you have at your address and how they compare to other providers in the area.


  • Multi-gig fiber plans
  • Lots of bundles
  • Many plan options


  • Limited fiber availability
  • Plans and pricing vary by region

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Compare TDS Telecom internet plans and pricing

PackagePriceSpeedView on TDS Telecom site
2Gig Fiber InternetLocation dependentUp to 2Gbps (2,000Mbps)Shop Plans
1Gig Fiber InternetLocation dependentUp to 1Gbps (1,000Mbps)Shop Plans
Extreme300 Fiber InternetLocation dependentUp to 300MbpsShop Plans
Extreme25 Fiber InternetLocation dependentUp to 25MbpsShop Plans
WarpX InternetLocation dependent75Mbps–100MbpsShop Plans
Mach InternetLocation dependent18Mbps–25MbpsShop Plans

TDS Telecom’s speeds: What’s best for you?

TDS Telecom offers a wide range of speeds, from its Lite Internet plan that clocks in at between 56Kbps and 1Mbps (which we do not recommend), to its multigigabit fiber plans that can go toe-to-toe with some of the fastest internet plans in the country.

The best plans TDS Telecom has to offer are its fiber plans, which not only offer high download speeds, but equally fast upload speeds and high overall reliability. Although there is some overlap between its fiber, cable, and DSL networks, its fiber footprint doesn’t fill its entire coverage area. If TDS Fiber is available in your area, we highly recommend it.

TDS Telecom’s data caps

Most of TDS Telecom’s plans don’t have data caps, however, some DSL plans still have limits on the amount of data you can use per month. We’re not big fans of data caps, so we suggest avoiding these plans if you can. If you do choose a plan with data limits, make sure to keep an eye on your data usage throughout the month to avoid unexpected charges on your monthly bill.

Is TDS Telecom internet available where you live?

Enter your zip code below to see a listing of the top internet providers available in your area.

Our favorite plan: 1Gig Fiber Internet. This plan gives more than enough speed for the average household which makes it great for those with a lot of devices on their home networks.

Although fiber plans aren’t available throughout TDS’ entire coverage area, the provider has been working over the last few years to expand its fiber network to reach 1.2 million locations, according to Fierce Telecom.

TDS Telecom internet fees

In addition to the monthly cost of your plan, you might have additional fees such as equipment rental fees or data overage charges. Contact your TDS Telecom agent for more details.

TDS Telecom internet installation, equipment, and contracts

Contracts and hidden fees can be deal-breakers when choosing an internet provider, and unfortunately, TDS Telecom has its share of both.

TDS Telecom installation and equipment

TDS Telecom gives customers the choice of renting equipment from the provider or simply purchasing your own. Purchasing your own router definitely gives you more options, especially if you’re opting for one of TDS’ ultrafast fiber plans. It can also be a great way to save money if you opt for a plan with lower top speeds.

On the other hand, renting your equipment from your provider is a straightforward option that can make things a lot easier if you have to call your provider’s customer service line.

TDS Telecom internet contracts

TDS Telecom plans come with a one- to two-year contract. We’re not fans of contracts, or the excessive termination fees that come with them. If signing a long-term contract is a deal breaker for you, check to see if there’s a no-contract internet option available in your area.

See what other TDS Telecom customers are saying

We love data. The more information we can learn about customer experience, the more confident we can be in our recommendations. If you’re an TDS Telecom customer, we’d love to have you fill out our Customer Review form and let us know about your experience with TDS Telecom and check out what others have said, too.

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How TDS Telecom compares to the competition

ProviderPlan price rangeSpeeds (range)Customer rating*Order online
TDS TelecomLocation dependent1Mbps–2,000MbpsN/AView TDS Telecom Plans
Earthlink$49.95–$189.95/mo.10–5,000Mbps4.0/5View EarthLink Plans
Windstream$39.99–$169.99/mo.§100–2,000Mbps3.5/5View Windstream Plans

TDS Telecom can definitely stand up to many of the other nationwide providers in terms of speed but, again, there’s a lot of variation from area to area. If you have access to TDS Fiber, it might be the clear winner, while in DSL-only areas, it may not be a viable option at all.

Like many of the other plucky telecom underdogs, TDS is expanding at breakneck speed and focusing most of its efforts on fiber, so even if TDS isn’t the best choice for your household at the moment, it’s worth remembering the name, as its offerings in your area may have changed by the next time you’re looking to upgrade your home internet.

1-2 paragraphs calling out finer details of customer ratings each brand received in the latest customer satisfaction survey, ie Fiber customers gave much better ratings than DSL customers, etc. We can use the average rating as a benchmark for ISP’s ratings.

Is TDS Telecom internet right for you?

TDS Telecom provides fast and reliable fiber options in many underserved areas, providing benefits on par with those found in much more urban areas. If TDS Telecom has fiber options in your area, we highly suggest comparing them to the plans offered by bigger national brands.

The cable and DSL plans offered by TDS Telecom definitely can’t compete with other providers’ fiber options, but in more rural areas, they still might be worth checking out.

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