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Get $15 Off Cox Internet With This Mobile Discount

It used to be that you had to go to different carriers for your internet and cell phone plans, but these days customers face big benefits if they bundle the two together under the umbrella of one brand. There have been a slew of great deals dropping lately, and the latest comes from Cox.

You can get $15 a month off your Cox internet plan when you bundle it with a Cox Mobile phone plan. The cable internet provider announced the news as part of a nationwide push to increase visibility of its “MVNO” mobile offerings, which give customers nationwide 5G and 4G LTE access through the Verizon network.

How can you get the $15 discount from Cox?

You can get the $15 discount when you sign up for a Cox Mobile plan along with your Cox internet plan. Of course, you’re going to need access to Cox internet to get this deal—run a search with your zip code below to see if Cox is available in your area.

Pro tip:

Is bundling internet and mobile with Cox really worth it? Get the full breakdown in our Cox internet/mobile bundles explainer.

Cox internet and mobile bundles—the full breakdown

Cox’s internet plans start at $49.99 per month and give you excellent speeds over a coaxial cable connection. Here’s a breakdown of how the discount works.

Cox internet bundle discounts

PlanSpeedOriginal pricePrice when you also have Cox MobileView plans
Go Fast100Mbps$49.99/mo.*$35.00/mo.View Plans
Go Faster250Mbps$69.99/mo.†$55.00/mo.View Plans
Go Even Faster500Mbps$89.99/mo.‡$75.00/mo.View Plans
Go Super Fast1,000Mbps$109.99/mo.§$95.00/mo.View Plans
Go Beyond Fast2,000Mbps149.99/mo.║$135.00/mo.View Plans

Pro tip:

You can bring down your bill even further—with a discount of up to $30 a month for most people—if you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Take a look at our explainer on the ACP to see if you can get it.

What comes with a Cox internet and mobile bundle?

Cox has two mobile phone plans—a standard Gig Unlimited plan for $45 per month and a slimmed-down, “Pay As You Gig” deal in which you pay $15 per each gigabyte of data you use in a month. Both plans come with unlimited talk and text, and you don’t have to sign a contract to start or pay cancellation fees to close the package.

We recommend the Gig Unlimited plan over the Pay As You Gig option because Pay As You Gig requires you to be a lot more conscientious about your data usage. But you’re still getting mobile service at a killer price either way.

The new $15 discount makes Cox’s internet and phone bundles a lot more competitive with similar offerings from other providers—including ventures like Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum Mobile.

Looking for a provider that can hook you up with a mobile bundle? See our guide to internet and mobile bundles for all the promotions listed in one place.


What carrier does Cox Mobile use?

Cox Mobile uses Verizon for its MVNO phone network.

How much data do you get with Cox Mobile?

Cox Mobile plans give you unlimited data, but the price for data varies depending on the plan you have.

Gig Unlimited comes with 20GB of premium data (over 4G LTE and 5G networks) and unlimited regular data. Your speeds slow after you hit the 20GB mark.

On the other hand, Pay As You Gig comes with 1GB of premium data per month for $15, and you have to pay another $15 for any time you want to re-up with more data. Your speeds drop to 3G levels when you use 5GB of data.

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