AT&T Wireless Plans

$50–$80/mo for 1 line

3 GB–Unlimited

  • WatchTV app + premium channel perks

Data effective 1/17/19. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Our Top AT&T Wireless Plan Picks

Unlimited Starter SM


for 1 line

Unlimited Extra SM


for 1 line

Prepaid 8 GB

If you’re rolling solo, don’t pay for more data than you need. This prepaid plan hits the sweet spot.


for 1 line

Price after autopay discount.

About AT&T Wireless

AT&T Wireless is one of the top four cellphone providers in the United States alongside Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. It’s probably best known for its two unlimited plans, both of which come with some generous perks for TV fanatics. But if you need a family or prepaid plan, AT&T has you covered too.


  • Low-priced family plans
  • Good nationwide coverage
  • Extras for TV lovers


  • Low data deprioritization cap
  • Possibly slower speeds

How good is AT&T cellphone service?

It’s a good bet your AT&T cellphone service will get you a strong signal and steady speeds. Its performance just keeps getting better over the years.

Third-party testing sites RootMetrics and OpenSignal rated AT&T second and third for coverage out of the top four wireless providers, respectively. And AT&T also ranked firmly in the middle for 4G download speed, with RootMetrics ranking it second and OpenSignal and Speedtest both ranking it third. Not bad at all.

Here’s how each AT&T Wireless plan shakes out.

Plan Prices from* Data Video Resolution
Prepaid 1 GB $30.00/mo 1 GB Up to 1080p
Prepaid 8 GB $40.00/mo 8 GB Up to 1080p
Mobile Share Plus 3 GB $50.00/mo 3 GB Up to 480p
Prepaid Unlimited $55.00/mo Unlimited (can be throttled any time) Up to 480p
Mobile Share Plus 9 GB $60.00/mo 9 GB Up to 480p
Unlimited Starter SM $65.00/mo Unlimited (can be throttled any time) Up to 480p
Unlimited Extra SM $75.00/mo Unlimited (can be throttled any time) Up to 1080p
Prepaid Unlimited $75.00/mo Unlimited (can be throttled after 22 GB) Up to 1080p
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*Prices shown are for 1 line only and include autopay, paperless billing, and multi-line discounts where applicable. Taxes and fees not included.

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Want to know more about AT&T Wireless?

How do you get AT&T unlimited data?

To get unlimited data on your AT&T plan, sign up for either the AT&T Unlimited StarterSM or Unlimited ExtraSM plans

What are AT&T unlimited plans?

  • Unlimited StarterSM: Starts at $65 a month and comes with unlimited data plus 480p video streaming resolution. (AT&T can throttle, or slow, your internet speed at any time.)
  • Unlimited ExtraSM: Starts at $75 a month and comes with unlimited data plus 480p video streaming resolution and 15 GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data. (AT&T can throttle, or slow, your internet speed at any time.)

What is AT&T Mobility?

AT&T Mobility is now AT&T Wireless, but it used to be Cingular Wireless up until 2007.

What is the AT&T Mobile Protection Pack?

The AT&T Mobile Protection Pack is a feature you can add to your wireless plan to get extra protection if your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged. The AT&T Mobile Protection Pack will replace your phone as soon as the next day or repair your screen as soon as the same day it’s damaged. It also includes ProTech support, which helps you set up your device, transfer content, and use apps.

Can I keep my number if I switch to AT&T?

Chances are good you can keep your existing phone number even if you switch to AT&T. One way to tell for sure is to check the eligibility of your current number on AT&T’s site. If it’s eligible, follow the online instructions to transfer your number or let your AT&T representative know.

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