"Optimum has great speed and reliability, plus tons of hotspots..."

Aarti Dogra | White Plains, NY
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Optimum Online from Cablevision offers great speeds at affordable rates.

Why choose Optimum?

Optimum Internet is a great value,because it’s faster than DSL but more affordable than fiber. Optimum is that sweet spot. Just make sure your sales rep fully discloses all the start-up fees, and you’ll have a pleasant experience.

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HSI's Assessment of Optimum


Optimum Internet Speeds

Optimum (Cablevision) offers high speed Internet in three speed tiers. Those speeds range from 300 Mbps up to 1 Gig. The lowest speed is much faster than the lowest speed offered by most other cable Internet providers. Another big plus for Optimum Internet is that they provide really fast upload speeds compared to other Internet providers. They range from 5 Mbps to 35 Mbps. With more and more content being stored on cloud technology, upload speeds are becoming more important. Optimum seems to be positioned well moving into the future. Optimum customers clearly appreciate such high two-way speeds. In a 2015 HSI Independent Customer Satisfaction Survey, Optimum Internet garnered a perfect 10 out of 10 for speed.


Optimum Internet Prices

Pricing for Optimum Internet ranges from about $45 per month up to about $80 per month. Optimum customers get a lot of speed for their money, especially on the lower tiersAfter the first year, prices will jump up by about $10 for month 13 and yet another $10 per month for months 14 on. So, after 13 months, that base package with cost about $60 per month. The quick price increase cuts into the long-term value of Optimum Internet service, but with such good speeds available at competitive introductory prices, it still provides a good overall value. The Optimum modem rental is about $10 per month and a wireless router is included for free. Optimum charges an installation fee to have the service professionally installed. Unfortunately, the amount of that fee is not listed anywhere on the optimum website. The same ambiguity exists with an activation fee that may or may not exist. The accuracy of these claims is highly questionable. Optimum does offer a free, self-installation option. The overall value customers get from Optimum Internet is good. Optimum could improve its customer service by publishing its fee structure so potential customers can know what to expect before ordering the service.

Customer Satisfaction

Optimum earned a solid 7 out of 10 for overall customer satisfaction in the HSI survey mentioned earlier. The good score seems logical given the factors we’ve already laid out. Customers are very satisfied with the speed and value they get from Optimum Internet, but the overall score is hurt slightly by customer service. any customers complained about being surprised by fees and price increases. Cablevision should take these complaints seriously and make its Optimum fees and pricing easier to understand. Hiding the fees only leads to distrust from the customer. Optimum is a great product at a great price. Undermining that value by obscuring charges seems unwise.

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