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Is Bundling Optimum Mobile and Internet Worth It?

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Let’s just cut to the chase: You don’t save a lot of money bundling Optimum Internet with Optimum Mobile. The savings you receive squarely depend on the internet plan you choose: the faster the plan, the more you save. And unlike Spectrum One, Optimum’s bundling doesn’t give you free mobile service for a year.

Overall, you’ll see a discount of up to $15 on internet per month during the first year. Sure, that adds up to $180, which isn’t chump change—you can take a family of four out for a good meal and a movie with that. But you might as well put all those savings aside for the following year when the bundle increases by $25 per month.

And while we don’t see any advantage in selecting an Optimum Complete bundle, we like how Optimum Mobile makes your choices simple versus going directly through T-Mobile. Let’s dig deep into Optimum Complete so you can decide what’s best for your internet and mobile needs.

Are you eligible for an Optimum bundle deal?

Enter your zip code below to see what Optimum Complete bundles are available to you.

How do you get an Optimum Mobile and Internet bundle deal?

Visit the Optimum Mobile website and select Optimum Complete on the navigation bar—you won’t see this option on the Optimum Internet page. You can select any bundle offered in your area on the following page.

Other ways to get started include visiting Optimum’s home page and clicking on the advertised Optimum Complete starter plan. You can also visit an Optimum store to see what’s available to you that may not be listed on the website.

What Optimum Mobile and Internet plans qualify for bundle deals?

You can bundle Optimum Mobile with internet plans ranging from 300–5,000Mbps. The bundles we saw pair internet with the Unlimited Mobile and 1GB plans, but you may see something different. Be sure to call a representative or visit an Optimum store to see what other options may be available.

Optimum Internet plans

PlanPriceDownload speedTypeView on Optimum's site
300 Mbps Internet$30.00/mo.*Up to 300MbpsCable, fiberShop Plans
500 Mbps Internet$45.00/mo.*Up to 500MbpsCableShop Plans
500 Mbps Fiber Internet$30.00/mo.*Up to 500MbpsFiberShop Plans
1 Gig Internet$55.00/mo.*Up to 940MbpsCableShop Plans
1 Gig Fiber Internet$45.00/mo.*Up to 940MbpsFiberShop Plans
2 Gig Fiber Internet$55.00/mo.*Up to 2,000MbpsFiberShop Plans
5 Gig Fiber Internet$80.00/mo.*Up to 5,000MbpsFiberShop Plans
8 Gig Fiber Internet$265.00/mo.*Up to 8,000MbpsFiberShop Plans

Optimum provides cable internet primarily in 21 states now that Suddenlink is part of the overall Optimum brand. You’ll find its fiber internet service around Long Island and in small spots in West Virginia, North Carolina, and a few other states. Optimum aims to launch an 8Gbps fiber internet service in the New York tri-state area during the second half of 2023.

Any Optimum Internet plan you choose includes a rent-free gateway and one Wi-Fi extender (if needed).

Optimum Mobile plans

PlanPrice (first line)Monthly data allowanceHotspot dataView on Optimum's site
1GB$15.00/mo.*1GBN/AShop Plans
3GB$25.00/mo.*3GBN/AShop Plans
Unlimited$45.00/mo.*20GB5GBShop Plans
Unlimited Max$55.00/mo.*50GB15GBShop Plans

Optimum Mobile uses T-Mobile’s 4G LTE and 5G networks to deliver cellular service. Unlike Spectrum, you don’t need Optimum’s internet to use Optimum Mobile, but if you bundle and cancel internet later, expect a surcharge of $20 per line per month.

You get multi-line savings when you add lines two through five. For example, your per-line cost drops to $30 monthly for four Unlimited lines—$25 per line monthly for five unlimited lines. You can have only five Optimum Mobile lines per account, so you may want to sign up with T-Mobile directly if you have multiple phones, tablets, and smart gear (like Apple Watch) with cellular connections.

The “unlimited” mobile plans are technically just that, but T-Mobile throttles your speed once you use the amount specified above. We cover the throttled speeds later on.

Should you bundle Optimum Mobile with Optimum Internet?

We don’t see a huge benefit if you bundle the two services—up to $15 off your internet bill each month, depending on the plan. But Optimum is part of the Affordability Connectivity Program, so you may see a bigger discount if you qualify.


  • Slight internet discount when bundled
  • No contracts
  • No data caps on internet


  • Limited fiber availability
  • Auto Pay requirement
  • Price increase after 12 months

Optimum Internet and Mobile bundles

BundlePriceDownload speedView on Optimum's site
300 Mbps Internet + Mobile (1GB)$45.00/mo.*Up to 300MbpsView Plan
300 Mbps Internet + Mobile (Unlimited)$75.00/mo.*Up to 300MbpsView Plan
500 Mbps Internet + Mobile (Unlimited)$75.00-$90.00/mo.*Up to 500MbpsView Plan
1 Gig Internet + Mobile (Unlimited)$90.00-$100.00/mo.*Up to 940MbpsView Plan
2 Gig Internet + Mobile (Unlimited)$100.00/mo.*Up to 2,000MbpsView Plan
5 Gig Internet + Mobile (Unlimited)$125.00/mo.*Up to 5,000MbpsView Plan

What we like—Great simplicity paired with a great mobile provider

Digging through T-Mobile’s options and pricing can be a real headache, especially if you need only a single line. Optimum Mobile is straightforward, with four plans and discounts on any extra lines you may need. Simply select the internet speed you need and then add an Optimum Mobile plan.

According to a recent study at, T-Mobile was the fastest mobile operator in the US during the first quarter of 2023, with a median download speed of 165Mbps and a median upload speed of 13Mbps. It had more than double the download speed of Verizon Wireless and AT&T and around 3Mbps more in upload speed.

Optimum’s fiber internet is superfast if you can get it, with symmetrical speeds of up to 8Gbps—Spectrum’s residential fiber doesn’t exceed 1,000Mbps (roughly 1Gbps). Fiber internet is more reliable than cable, too, as the infrastructure doesn’t rely heavily on electrical equipment to deliver internet to homes.

What we don’t like—Steep price hikes in the long-term

The fine print says Optimum Complete bundle pricing increases by $25 per month starting with your 13th month “and is subject to further change.” Optimum’s standard rates chart for internet shows you’ll eventually see a steep price hike on internet—up to $119.99 per month for the 300Mbps plan, for example, a $90 monthly increase.

Beware the fine print—Bundle requirements, extra fees, and throttling

In addition to the $25 price increase, the fine print shows new customers must get Optimum Internet first and then start a separate Optimum Mobile account (billed separately) within the next 30 days.

Once you have both accounts, you must link them to receive the “bundle” discount—if you don’t, your internet billing increases to the current promotional pricing. You also need Auto Pay & Paperless Billing active on both accounts to get the discounted pricing.

On the fees front, you’ll pay a $40 activation fee for internet on your first bill, but installation is free if you order service online (normally $70). Optimum Mobile charges a one-time $20 activation fee for each new line.

As for throttling, Optimum Mobile (via T-Mobile) does plenty of that. We created a few charts for a better understanding of what happens when you reach a specific use limit each month:

Surpassing your premium data limit

By the GigUnlimitedUnlimited Plus
Premium data limit1GB or 3GB*20GB50GB
Throttled speed after limit128Kbps (2G speeds)512Kbps (3G speeds)512Kbps (3G speeds)

Surpassing your hotspot data limit

By the GigUnlimitedUnlimited Plus
Premium data limit1GB or 3GB5GB15GB
Throttled speed after limit600Kbps (3G speeds)*600Kbps (3G speeds)*512kbps (3G speeds)*

Does Optimum operate in your area?

Run a search with your zip code below to see if you can get Optimum where you live.

Expert opinion: Bundling only saves a little money at first

Optimum Internet and Optimum Mobile are separate services, so you don’t need a landline internet connection to use mobile like Spectrum One. Optimum says you can “save big” by bundling these two services together, but we don’t see huge savings on a monthly level—up to $15, depending on the bundle. Sure, that’s up to $180 in the first year, but then the bundle increases by $25 in the second year, according to the fine print. Eventually, your internet cost will skyrocket, making the little money you did save in the beginning just a bait-and-switch tactic that hurts your wallet in the long run.

Optimum Complete deal vs. Optimum Voice and Internet bundle

BundleTotal priceInternet speedMonthly dataOrder online
300 Mbps Internet + Mobile$75.00/mo.*Up to 300MbpsUnlimitedView Plans
300 Mbps Internet + Optimum Voice$55.00/mo.†Up to 300MbpsUnlimitedView Plans

Unlike Optimum Mobile, Optimum Voice requires Optimum Internet to use. Some of the features you get include Caller ID on your TV screen, call forwarding to other phones, and more. You can make unlimited phone calls anywhere in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. International calling starts at $0.08 per minute.

Optimum Mobile offers unlimited talk and text, a monthly hotspot data allotment, and nationwide coverage thanks to T-Mobile’s 4G LTE and 5G networks. You get a specific amount of “premium data” each month, but expect your speeds to slow if you go over. You can add a travel pass to any line if you plan to call home from overseas.

FAQ about Optimum Mobile and Internet bundles

Can I bring my own device to Optimum Mobile?

Yes, you can bring your own device to Optimum Mobile. Use Optimum’s tool to see if your device is compatible with T-Mobile’s network.

Can I trade my old phone in for a new one with Optimum Mobile?

Yes, you can trade in your old phone and get up to $750 towards the purchase of a new one. Use Optimum’s tool to see the estimated trade-in value for your device.

Where does Optimum have fiber internet?

From what we can tell, Optimum provides fiber-to-the-home internet mostly around New York City. There are other small pockets in the following areas (going east to west):

  • New York Tri-State area
  • West Virginia
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Arizona


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