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Is Wi-Fi Still a Bright Idea?

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Technology

Wi-Fi has the ability to control anything. We’ve seen Wi-Fi controlled helicopters, light switches, garage doors,…

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5 Household Appliances that Need to Smarten Up

by | Dec 16, 2013 | Technology

Household appliances are just so boring. No retina displays, no Wi-Fi and not an NFC chip…

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Find Fair Internet Pricing without a Fight

by | Dec 4, 2013 | Uncategorized

Despite what you may have read recently, finding a good rate for telecommunication services doesn’t have…

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Nexus 5

Not ANOTHER Nexus 5 Review

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Technology

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past month, you’ve heard about the release of…

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Is a Bitcoin Still a Coin?

by | Nov 26, 2013 | Technology

Digital currency is a form of electronic money, considered to be a type of alternative currency….

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first tweet

Twitter – The Future of TV Commercials

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Technology

If someone tweets about a TV show, does anyone see it? That’s what Nielsen, the company…

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The Top 5 Most Important Internet Milestones

by | Nov 6, 2013 | Technology

The origins of the Internet go back to the 1960’s. As you can guess, the Internet…

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Will Streaming Kill Cable?

by | Nov 4, 2013 | FAQ, Technology

</ br> With Netflix positioned to pass HBO in subscribers this year, is this the beginning…

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Could Usage Based Broadband Pricing Really be Good for Consumers?

by | Oct 31, 2013 | Uncategorized

Several large Internet service providers (ISPs) are looking to introduce usage-based broadband Internet plans to the…

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Future Technology

Technology of the Future – or so We Thought

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Technology

It’s incredible what the future has brought us. Hard drives installed in our heads, the ability…

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Myspace Glasses

Whatever Happened to Tom? Web Celebs Then and Now

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Technology

The Internet has made many people famous, who otherwise would have remained unknown. With the boom…

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The Essentials of Wireless Router Security

by | Oct 7, 2013 | Brand Guides

Hacking into a wireless network is easier than you might think. And changing default passwords isn’t…

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