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Is Bundling Xfinity Internet and Mobile Worth It?

Xfinity Internet customers can save big with Xfinity Mobile, especially with multiple lines.

Xfinity has a variety of competitively priced mobile plans. Pay-as-you-go plans start at $15 per month, and unlimited data plans start at $45 per month—savings are even better if you sign up for two or more mobile lines. The service itself is nothing to scoff at, either. Powered by the Verizon Wireless network, Xfinity Mobile comes with all the perks you expect from a first-class mobile carrier—it just costs less.

If you’re an Xfinity Internet customer with a cell plan with a different carrier, you can probably save a ton by switching to Xfinity Mobile.

Are you eligible for Xfinity Mobile?

Enter your zip code to see Xfinity plans in your area.

How do you bundle Xfinity Mobile and Internet?

You must have Xfinity Internet to get Xfinity Mobile; there’s no getting around that. If you’re not currently an Xfinity Internet customer but are interested in Xfinity Mobile, your first step should be finding out what Xfinity Internet plans are available in your area using the zip code search below. If it turns out that you can’t get Xfinity Internet where you live, you may still be able to save through an internet and mobile bundling deal from a different ISP: Spectrum, Cox, T-Mobile, and Verizon all offer mobile service in addition to home internet.

If you already have Xfinity Internet, you’re eligible to sign up for Xfinity Mobile. However, Xfinity Mobile is a separate service from Xfinity Internet. It requires a separate account and receives a separate bill, so, technically, it’s not a bundle. But the savings are just as real as any bundle deal—they just come in the form of low-priced mobile plans.

Use the link below to view all Xfinity Mobile plans.

What mobile and internet plans qualify for Xfinity Mobile?

Any Xfinity Internet customer can purchase any Xfinity Mobile plan available in their area. However, Xfinity TV-only customers aren’t eligible for Xfinity Mobile; you must be an Xfinity Internet customer.

Xfinity Internet plans

PlanPriceDownload speedView on Xfinity's site
Connect$30.00/mo.*75MbpsShop Plans
Connect More$35.00/mo.200MbpsShop Plans
Fast$55.00/mo.§400MbpsShop Plans
Superfast$65.00/mo.§800MbpsShop Plans
Gigabit$65.00/mo.§1,000MbpsShop Plans
Gigabit Extra$85.00/mo.1,200MbpsShop Plans

Xfinity Mobile plans

PlanPrice (1 line)DataPremium dataHotspot dataView on Xfinity's site
Unlimited – Intro$45.00/mo.*Unlimited20GBUnlimited
View Plan
Unlimited – Plus$55.00/mo.*Unlimited30GB5GB high speedView Plan
Unlimited – Premium$65.00/mo.*Unlimited50GB15GB high speedView Plan
By the Gig 1 GB$15.00/mo.1GB1GB ($15 per additional GB)1GB (deducted from premium data)View Plan
By the Gig 3 GB$30.00/mo.3GB3GB ($15 per additional GB)3GB (deducted from premium data)View Plan
By the Gig 10 GB$60.00/mo.10GB10GB ($15 per additional GB)10GB (deducted from premium data)View Plan

Should you bundle an Xfinity Mobile plan with Xfinity Internet?

Xfinity Mobile offers some of the best value mobile plans out there. Purchasing similar plans from a Big Three carrier can cost nearly twice as much, and since Xfinity uses the Verizon Wireless network, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your cell service to get a good deal.

If you have Xfinity Internet or can get Xfinity Internet, your bank account will thank you for taking advantage of your exclusive access to Xfinity Mobile.

More lines mean more savings

All Xfinity Mobile Unlimited plans are $15 cheaper per line when you sign up with two or more lines.

PlanPrice (1 line)DataPremium dataHotspot dataView on Xfinity's site
Unlimited – Intro$30.00/mo. eachUnlimited20GBUnlimited
View Plan
Unlimited – Plus$40.00/mo. eachUnlimited30GB5GB high speedView Plan
Unlimited – Premium$50.00/mo. eachUnlimited50GB15GB high speedView Plan


  • Great pricing
  • Excellent cell service (Verizon network)


  • Requires Xfinity Internet

Xfinity Mobile sign-up and onboarding

If you already have Xfinity Internet, you just need to select an Xfinity Mobile plan and sign up. A new account will be created for your Xfinity Mobile service, and you manage the account through a separate Xfinity Mobile app. Xfinity will mail you an onboarding kit that contains your Xfinity Mobile sim card. Once you get it, follow the included instructions to set up your new mobile service.

If you don’t yet have Xfinity Internet, you can get both services at the same time.

Is Xfinity Internet in your area?

Use our zip code search to see if you can get Xfinity Internet where you live.

Xfinity vs. the competition

Switching to Xfinity Mobile is a no-brainer if you currently subscribe to a major carrier. Xfinity plans are much cheaper for the same quality service.

Even considering other mobile and internet bundles, it’s hard to beat Xfinity’s flexibility and variety. You can go big with multiple lines and a gigabit internet plan or keep it simple with a single unlimited data mobile line and a mid-tier internet plan. Xfinity’s variety makes it easy to customize something that works with your needs and budget.

Xfinity vs. T-Mobile

BundleTotal priceInternet speedMonthly dataOrder online
Unlimited – Intro +
Connect More
$75.00/mo.*200Mbps1.2TBView Plans
Go5G Plus +
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet
$120.00/mo.72–245MbpsUnlimitedView Plans

Xfinity Mobile discounts stay the same regardless of the internet plan you choose, while T-Mobile offers more savings for its flagship mobile plans. Due to low mobile plan pricing, it’s easy to snag both an Xfinity Mobile plan and Xfinity Internet for less than $100 per month.

FAQ about Xfinity’s mobile and internet bundles

Can I bundle my Xfinity Mobile phone and Xfinity Internet?

Yes, though the savings come in the form of low-priced mobile plans, so it’s not technically a bundle. That being said, Xfinity Mobile plans are nearly half the price of similar plans from the big carriers.

What are the benefits of Xfinity's internet and mobile bundle?

Xfinity Mobile runs on the Verizon wireless network, so you get excellent mobile service at a deep discount.

What mobile plans are included in Xfinity’s internet and mobile bundle?

Any Xfinity Internet plan can be paired with any Xfinity Mobile plan. Xfinity has some of the best plan variety for internet and mobile, with six different internet plans and six different mobile plans.

View Xfinity Mobile plans


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