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Best internet deals in Houston

Fastest internet providers in Houston

Spectrum is the fastest internet provider in Houston based on our proprietary data collected from over 50,000 speed tests, with an average download speed of 240Mbps. AT&T is a close second with fiber internet, followed by Frontier, Xfinity, Sparklight, and Astound Broadband (via enTouch and Grande).


Price starting at

for 12 or 24 mos.

Speeds up to 1,000Mbps
(wireless speeds may vary)

ProviderStarting priceSpeedRating
Astound Broadband $20.00/mo.Up to 1,500Mbps4.0/5
AT&T $55.00/mo.Up to 5,000Mbps3.0/5
Frontier $44.99/mo.
w/Auto Pay and Paperless Bill
Up to 5,000Mbps4.0/5
Sparklight $26.00/mo.Up to 940Mbps3.5/5
Xfinity $19.99/mo.
for 24 mos.
Up to 1,200Mbps4.0/5

Cheapest internet plans in Houston

The cheapest internet service in Houston is Xfinity, which starts at $20 per month. Optimum and Rise Broadband also stand out from the competition, offering budget plans priced well below most other providers in the city.


Xfinity Connect


for 12 mos. w/1yr contract

Speeds up to 150Mbps
Provider & Plan namePriceSpeedRating
Astound Broadband 300 Mbps Internet $20.00/mo.Up to 300Mbps4.0/5
Link not provided$25.00/mo.Up to 25MbpsN/A
Xfinity Connect More $30.00/mo.
for 24 mo.
Up to 300Mbps4.0/5
Optimum 300 Mbps Internet $30.00/mo.Up to 300Mbps4.0/5
Optimum 500 Mbps Internet $45.00/mo.Up to 500Mbps4.0/5

The cost of internet in Houston

Houston is one of the most populated cities in the U.S., with a cost of living that is 6% below the national average. Likewise, the cost of staying connected in Houston is well below the national average—11% lower, in fact.

The average Houston resident pays $72 per month on their internet bill, according to a new survey by

Despite being an affordable city on almost all fronts, 1 in 4 internet users in Houston feel like they overpay for the mediocre internet service they receive.

Read our 2024 Houston Internet Trends Report to learn more.

$72 average monthly cost of internet

$864 average annual cost of internet

$50,976 average cost of internet over a lifetime

Houston residents spend 1.5% of their income on staying connected

1 in 4 Houston residents say prices are not reasonable for the mediocre service they receive.