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How To Keep Your Internet Plan When You Move

Call customer service to give your Wi-Fi a new home

You can usually keep your home internet when you’re moving to a new address. If your new home also gets coverage from your current internet service provider (ISP), all you have to do is call up customer service, set up a change of address, and schedule a time for a technician to install your internet.

Read on for a breakdown of how the process works. We also have tips on how to get deals when you move—and how to shop for other options that might be better.

Here’s what to do:

  1. See what internet is available at your new address
  2. Call customer service and let them know you’re moving
  3. Negotiate for a deal or promotional offer
  4. Schedule a time to activate and install your service

See what internet is available at your new address

Keep in mind that you can’t always move your internet to a new home. If you’re going out of state or relocating to a neighborhood that’s far away from where you are now, it’s possible that your broadband provider won’t have network coverage in the new area.

To make sure you can keep your internet provider, run a search using your new zip code or address. Our zip check tool gives you a quick answer below.

Even if you can get your current provider at the new address, you may end up with different options for internet speeds or even prices. Other ISPs could be available, too, and it’s worth thinking about making the switch to a new provider if it means getting a better deal on Wi-Fi.

Call customer service

Once you’ve confirmed that you can keep getting internet from the same provider, then all you need to do is call your provider’s customer service department. See our list below of phone numbers for different major internet providers.

Internet provider Customer service line
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet+1-800-937-8997
Astound Broadband+1-800-427-8686

A customer care specialist can help you change your address and make sure your service is up and running by your move-in date. If necessary, they can also walk you through any changes that might be made to your account as a result of the move. You may need to pick a different plan if the one you have now isn’t available.

Pro tip: Test your internet speed

Run an internet speed test to see if you’re getting adequate internet speed compared to what you’re paying for. It could be that you’re better off with an upgraded plan!

Negotiate for a deal or promotional offer

When you’re talking over the details of your move with customer service, make sure to ask what kinds of promotional offers or deals they can give you.

Even if you’re happy with your internet plan exactly as it is right now, it’s worth pushing for a deal. A customer service agent may be able to give you promotional pricing, a free trial for a streaming service, or even a bundle discount if you pair your internet with a TV, mobile, or home phone plan.

To drive a harder bargain, ask customer service to route you to the customer retention department. A customer retention specialist has more leeway to offer up promos and discounts to keep customers happy.

Find all the internet deals right here

Need some ideas for ways to find deals?

Schedule a time to activate service at your new address

Once you have all the details squared away in your customer-care phone chat, you can pick a date for when you want the account to officially switch over to your new address. The move-in date (or some time around then) is your best bet.

If necessary, you can also pick a time for a professional technician to come by and set up your Wi-Fi. But you might be able to set it up yourself if your new address is already equipped to accommodate your internet type.

Pack up your modem, Wi-Fi router, and any other relevant equipment and cabling and label the box that all the stuff is in. You want to make sure it’s ready to pull out and set up once you’re settled.

If you haven’t already, it’s worth running a search with your zip code just to see what internet access you’ll have in your new home. Perhaps a great deal awaits!

Final step: Enjoy the internet at your new home

Welcome to your new home! At this point you should have proper internet access, but you can always call customer service again to address technical troubles or other issues.

FAQ about keeping your ISP

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