The Most Popular Netflix Show in Each State

Streaming entertainment on Netflix continues to soar in popularity. According to 2017 Netflix data reported on numerous websites, Netflix users streamed a total of one billion hours of programming per week. In fact, Netflix has become so popular that “Netflixing” and “streaming” are virtually synonymous.

Clearly people everywhere are watching Netflix, but what are the people in your community watching? For the second year in a row, our team at used Google Trends to discover which Netflix programs garnered the most interest in each state.

Orange Is the New Black is the nation’s favorite Netflix show.

Orange Is the New Black leads the pack as the favorite show in fifteen states. The next-closest show was American Vandal, which was the favorite in just five states. Aside from those two, no other show had more than three states where it was a favorite.

Orange Is the New Black was the most googled show in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
  • West Virginia

As you can see, this show is super popular in the South, but another interesting correlation might be why these states are attracted to the show: seven of these states land among the top fifteen in incarceration rate per capita, which could explain why they’re drawn to a show set in prison.

Orange Is the New Black was the favorite show in only six states last year, so it made a big jump in popularity.

Last year’s top show, Scandal, was the most searched show in just ten states. This means, in the past two years, Orange Is the New Black has been by far the most popular Netflix show in the most states.

Most states’ favorite shows have changed since last year.

Comparing our Netflix map from this year to our map from last year, we were surprised to see that every state except one has a new favorite show. Whether out of loyalty or habit, Arizona was the only state with the same favorite Netflix show in both 2016 and 2017. That show is Orange Is the New Black.

Additionally, the following are the only shows from the 2016 map that remain on the 2017 map: Fuller House, Narcos, Orange Is the New Black, and Stranger Things. (Gilmore Girls appeared on the 2016 map and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life appears on the 2017 map.)

Notably absent from this year’s map are former hits House of Cards and The Walking Dead. The Kevin Spacey scandal may explain the decline of House of Cards. And with the Netflix episodes of The Walking Dead being a season behind those broadcasted on A&E, the fan backlash over the bloody season seven premiere last year seems to have hit the steaming service this year.

Several states want to watch Star Trek: Discovery. 

People in Alaska, Colorado, and Oregon were searching for Star Trek: Discovery, a show that isn’t available on Netflix in the US but is available internationally. Although Star Trek fans in these states clearly want to watch the show, they’ll have to get CBS All Access to do so. These states all also happen to allow legal marijuana use. We’ll let you make your own jokes about trying to find a show called “Discovery” while under the influence.

American Vandal is burning up Netflix.

American Vandal is the hot newcomer to the 2017 Netflix map. This true-crime satire was the favorite show in five states, trailing behind only Orange Is the New Black. Considering American Vandal premiered in the middle of September, it made a huge impact and gained a lot of fans in just a few months.

Many states have unique tastes.

Fourteen states had favorite shows that no other state had, and ten more shared their favorite show with just one other state. This means that while fifteen states consistently googled Orange Is the New Black, the remaining states enjoyed a variety of favorites.

The following states had unique shows as their most googled Netflix show of 2017:

Delaware — Big Mouth
Hawaii — Black Mirror
Idaho — Travelers
Maryland — The Keepers
Michigan — The Confession Tapes
Missouri — Ozark
New Mexico — Riverdale

North Dakota — A Series of Unfortunate Events
Pennsylvania — The OA
Rhode Island — GLOW
South Dakota — Fuller House
Utah — Stranger Things
Vermont — Dear White People
Virginia — Narcos

Which show did you binge on Netflix the most this year? Does it match the rest of your state? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share this with your friends so they can join the discussion.

America’s Favorite Netflix Shows of 2017

AlabamaGilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
AlaskaStar Trek: Discovery
ArizonaOrange Is the New Black
ArkansasOrange Is the New Black
ColoradoStar Trek: Discovery
ConnecticutMarvel's The Defenders
Washington, DC3%
DelawareBig Mouth
FloridaOrange Is the New Black
GeorgiaOrange Is the New Black
HawaiiBlack Mirror
IllinoisAmerican Vandal
IndianaOrange Is the New Black
KansasAmerican Vandal
KentuckyOrange Is the New Black
LouisianaOrange Is the New Black
MaineMarvel's The Defenders
MarylandThe Keepers
MassachusettsAmerican Vandal
MichiganThe Confession Tapes
MinnesotaAmerican Vandal
MississippiOrange Is the New Black
MontanaOrange Is the New Black
NebraskaFriends from College
New HampshireFriends from College
New JerseyOrange Is the New Black
New MexicoRiverdale
New YorkOrange Is the New Black
North CarolinaOrange Is the New Black
North DakotaA Series of Unfortunate Events
OhioOrange Is the New Black
OregonStar Trek: Discovery
PennsylvaniaThe OA
Rhode IslandGLOW
South CarolinaOrange Is the New Black
South DakotaFuller House
UtahStranger Things
VermontDear White People
WashingtonFriends from College
West VirginiaOrange Is the New Black
WisconsinAmerican Vandal
WyomingGilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

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