We all have our moments of weakness, especially on the internet—thank goodness we can delete our browser history. What we can’t delete, though, is Google Trends data. This is excellent for our purposes today because now we can revel in each state’s embarrassing, gross, or bizarre online guilty pleasure!

Curious about how we determined your state’s guilty pleasure? Our team developed a comprehensive list of indulgent topics people can search for on the internet, cross-referenced the list with Google Trends data, and then determined which topics people in your area are most likely to type into their search bar.

Take, for instance, the prevalence of sugar-daddy and sugar-mama sites, which are especially popular in retiree-friendly states. States with the most singles prefer online dating, but states with the smallest dating pool fill their time with something entirely different and oddly comforting—read on to learn what keeps our most lonely singles busy on a Friday night!


News Travels Fast, Unless Your Internet Doesn’t

Can you believe Mississippi is still crazy about Silentó’s 2015 hit “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”? It’s a lot less surprising once you learn The Magnolia State has the least access to high-speed internet in the nation. Wait until you catch up to the 2016 viral YouTube video “Adele Carpool Karaoke,” Mississippi. It will blow your mind.

Don’t be left out of the loop. Find high-speed internet in your area.


TV Obsessions Don’t End When the Show Does

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Kentucky, and South Carolina love keeping up with the latest celebrity news. It’s no wonder almost all these states top The Washington Post list for average minutes per day spent in front of the TV. The one exception? Alaska. Even though they’re not avid TV watchers, it seems the residents of our least densely populated state need a way to feel connected to the outside world, and the overly complicated lives of celebrities are just the way to do it.


Singles Search for Singles

When you’re looking for love, it’s best to be surrounded by people doing the same. Washington DC, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island have some of the highest shares of singles in the United States, and they’re all ready to swipe right with the wildly popular dating app Tinder. Its rival Grindr is specifically designed as a gay dating app and social network, which is perfect for Hawaii, since the Aloha State has the highest percentage of people who identify as LGBT.

Oh, and Arizona? You’re not fooling anyone with your “online dating” search. We know you have the most UFO sightings per capita of any state, and it makes sense, seeing as an alien wouldn’t know which dating apps to search for these days. Go home, ET.


If You Can’t Find Love, The Internet Has a Substitute for That

Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming are all at the bottom of the list for smallest shares of single adults, and it’s hard to find love when your field of eligible candidates is practically empty. To soothe your aching heart, stay home and unwind with some cat videos.

That’s right, cat videos. Searching for fluffy-segregate sweethearts is more common than you think. Looking at cute things triggers the release of dopamine, the same chemical coursing through your body when you fall in love or have sex. Bring up your favorite cat video the next time you meet someone nice, Northern Rockies folks. You’ll probably find they share your internet passions!


Oh! You Thought We Were Talking About. . .Oh!

Yeah, okay, we’ll address it. The . . . you know. The XXX content. Sadly, porn usage is highest in Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas, all states where sex education stresses abstinence, is not always mandated, and may not even be medically accurate. Kids, we’re sorry your schools did a bad job educating you, but, please, do yourself a favor and don’t believe everything you see on the internet.


Guilty Pleasure

Alabama Celebrity news
Alaska Celebrity news
Arizona Online dating
Arkansas Celebrity news
California Reddit
Colorado Fail videos
Connecticut Memes
Delaware Online investing
DC Tinder
Florida Sugar Daddy Sites
Georgia Sugar Daddy Sites
Hawaii Grindr
Idaho Cat Videos
Illinois XXX content
Indiana Fail videos
Iowa WebMD
Kansas XXX content
Kentucky Celebrity news
Louisiana XXX content
Maine WebMD
Maryland Online investing
Massachusetts Tinder
Michigan Auction sites
Minnesota Auction sites
Mississippi Whip Nae Nae
Missouri Sugar Mama Sites
Montana Cat Videos
Nebraska Sugar Mama Sites
Nevada Sugar Daddy Sites
New Hampshire WebMD
New Jersey Online gambling
New Mexico XXX content
New York Instagram models
North Carolina Memes
North Dakota Cat Videos
Ohio TV show spoilers
Oklahoma Memes
Oregon Online investing
Pennsylvania TV show spoilers
Rhode Island Tinder
South Carolina Celebrity news
South Dakota Online deal sites
Tennessee Sugar Mama Sites
Texas XXX content
Utah Fitness models
Vermont Online investing
Virginia Online investing
Washington Reddit
West Virginia Chat rooms
Wisconsin Auction sites
Wyoming Cat Videos


Do you share your state’s guilty pleasure or are you totally weirded out? Let us know in the comments.