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Is Bundling T-Mobile Phone and Internet Worth It?

Get T-Mobile 5G Home Internet for as little as $30 per month when you bundle with mobile.

Once I learned how good T-Mobile’s internet was in our T-Mobile 5G Home Internet test and review, I was immediately curious about bundling deals. It turns out you can save a pretty penny by combining T-Mobile 5G Home Internet with a T-Mobile mobile phone plan.

T-Mobile’s already affordable $60 per month home internet service goes down to just $40 per month if you also sign up for a T-Mobile Go5G or Magenta Max mobile phone plan. Granted, those are T-Mobile’s high-tier mobile plans, but all other mobile plans come with a $10 discount on T-Mobile’s internet service. So you save regardless of what mobile plan you choose.

Are you eligible for a T-Mobile bundle deal?

To get these discounts, you need to live in an area with access to T-Mobile 5G Home Internet. Use our zip search tool to see if T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is available where you live.

How do you get a T-Mobile mobile and internet bundle deal?

To get T-Mobile’s internet and mobile discount, you simply need to have both services. You also don’t need to sign up for these services in any particular order. If you already have one service and then sign up for the other later, you won’t get the discount until you have both.

Also, remember these are two separate services with two separate bills. The discount applies only to the T-Mobile 5G Home Internet bill. So, if you wanna get extra technical about it, T-Mobile phone plans earn a discount on T-Mobile’s internet service, but not visa versa.

What phone and internet plans qualify for T-Mobile bundle deals?

All T-Mobile phone plans are eligible for a discount on T-Mobile’s internet service; however, T-Mobile’s top-tier mobile plans (Go5G Plus and Magenta MAX) earn a $20 per month discount on T-Mobile 5G Home Internet, while all other mobile plans get half that at $10 off per month.

T-Mobile only has one internet plan, and it’s eligible for the $10 or $20 discount when paired with mobile service.

Find T-Mobile internet in your area

Use our zip search if you can get T-Mobile 5G Home Internet.

T-Mobile internet plans

PlanPriceDownload speedView on T-Mobile's site
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet$60.00/mo.*72–245MbpsShop Plans

T-Mobile phone plans

PlanPrice (1 line)Internet/phone bundle priceMonthly bundle savingsPremium dataHotspot dataView on T-Mobile’s site
Magenta MAX$85.00/mo.*$115.00/mo.$20.00/mo.Unlimited premium data40GBView Plan
Magenta$70.00/mo.*$110.00/mo.$10.00/mo.Unlimited: 100 GB premium data, then slower speeds5GBView Plan
Essentials$60.00/mo.*$100.00/mo.$10.00/mo.Unlimted: 50 GB premium data, then slower speedsUnlimited 3G dataView Plan
Go5G Plus$90.00/mo.*$120.00/mo.$20.00/mo.Unlimited: 100GB premium data then slower speeds50GBView Plan
Go5G$75.00/mo.*$115.00/mo.$10.00/mo.Unlimited premium data15GB, then 3G after using 15GBView Plan

Should you bundle a T-Mobile phone plan with T-Mobile 5G Home Internet?

All else being equal, T-Mobile’s discount on home internet for mobile customers is worth the effort in switching mobile plans. With an extra $20 per month (or $240 per year), you could finance a new phone or simply have more cash at the end of the month. And even though some mobile plans only get you $10 off T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet, the affordable starting price can save you cash right off the bat—the discount is a bonus.


  • Good pricing
  • Great services (mobile & internet)
  • Easy onboarding


  • Two separate bills (not technically a bundle)

Easy onboarding, quality services, good pricing; what’s not to like?

T-Mobile’s mobile phone services need no introduction, it has some of the best cell coverage in the nation, and all plans feature unlimited data (with a few caveats). What blew us away was the quality of T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet during our recent review. The signup and setup are the breeziest we’ve seen yet, and the internet connection is excellent. Unless you have really niche or specific internet needs, T-mobile’s 5G Home Internet is worth trying out. And, while you’re at it, why not save a little extra with a plan on one of the nation’s best cell networks?

Not a traditional bundle

T-Mobile’s home internet discount for mobile customers doesn’t work like a traditional bundle. Each service comes with its own bill and account. The savings come in the form of a discount on your T-Mobile 5G Home Internet bill, specifically.

Is T-Mobile 5G Home Internet in your area?

Use our zip code search to see if you can get T-Mobile internet where you live.

T-Mobile vs. the competition

With more ISPs offering Mobile service, you likely have multiple internet + mobile deals to choose from. When it comes to T-Mobile vs. the other guys, the short of it is, T-Mobile’s internet is crazy cheap—but its phone plans carry more standard pricing. Some ISPs, like Xfinity, are the other way around.

T-Mobile bundle deal vs. Xfinity Internet + Mobile

BundleTotal priceInternet speedMonthly dataOrder online
Go5G Plus +
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet
$120.00/mo.†72–245MbpsUnlimitedView Plans
Unlimited – Intro +
Xfinity Connect More
$75.00/mo.*200Mbps1.2TBView Plans

Some brands, like Xfinity, offer mobile + internet plan combos with a cheaper total price, but there are a few caveats. First, these typically don’t come with unlimited data for home internet. Second, Xfinity usually charges for equipment rental and extra internet data—T-Mobile’s internet plan is all-inclusive, meaning there are no extra charges hiding anywhere.

T-Mobile customer ratings

OverallSpeedPriceReliabilityCustomer Service
Average Rating3.

T-Mobile was the highest-rated provider in our annual customer satisfaction survey. T-Mobile received excellent ratings for speed, reliability, and customer service, but the service blew away the competition when it came to price satisfaction. T-Mobile customers gave the highest price satisfaction rating we’ve seen for a national ISP in the history of our survey. 96% of T-Mobile customers reported being satisfied with their plan pricing. 

FAQ about T-Mobile mobile and internet bundles

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