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3 Reasons Why It’s Better to Bundle Your Internet and Phone Plans

Internet providers have been racing to enter the cellular space lately. Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, Astound Broadband, and other providers have launched their own mobile brands and they’re now offering up bargains aplenty to new customers.

If you live in an area with cable or fiber internet access, you have a good chance of getting a deal on internet and mobile from the same provider. But is the deal worth it? The low prices, discounts, and even free mobile lines make us think the answer is “yes.” Here are three reasons why it’s worth getting in on the bundle bonanza.

Looking for speedy internet?

Run a search with your zip code to see which internet providers—and which bundle deals—are available in your area.

Why get a mobile and internet bundle?

There are three main reasons to bundle your internet and mobile phone plans: it’s simple, it’s cheap, and it’s convenient.

We break down these three reasons below.

Reason 1: Bundling is simple.

Mobile and internet bundles get you a basic cellular phone service over a reliable network. If you need a cheap plan for scrolling social media and making the occasional call, this is the way to go.

You don’t usually get the same options and perks as you would from a deluxe cellular plan, but you get the same quality network and 5G access. Cable providers typically operate their mobile brands as MVNOs, meaning they lease out cellular network capacity from a larger cellular company to get you phone service. Xfinity, Spectrum, and Cox all use Verizon’s network, ensuring you get fast speeds and reliable service nationwide.

Pro tip: Test your internet speed

Not sure what kind of speed you’re getting over your phone or internet line? Run a speed test to see if you’re getting what you’re paying for.

Reason 2: Bundling is cheap.

For as little as $45 a month, you can get unlimited talk and text, premium data, hotspot data, and 5G access. That’s almost half the price of most flagship unlimited phone plans, saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

On top of that, a wide array of bundle offers (see below) can bring down the bill further. Most internet providers offer monthly discounts on internet or phone plans when you bundle them both, and Spectrum and Xfinity both have deals that get you a straight-up free mobile line for a year or two years.

Signing up for a bundle also makes you eligible for discounts on new phones, such as the new iPhone 15.

Reason 3: Bundling is convenient.

When you have the same provider for both internet and phone, two bills suddenly become one. That means you can cut down on billing deadlines and other potential worries, giving you more time to spend talking on the phone or surfing the internet.

Best mobile and internet bundles

We’ve compiled all the best bundle deals below that let you mix internet plans with cell phone plans. Take a look at our internet/mobile bundle guide for a fuller look at all the benefits you can get.

PlanPricePremium phone dataDealOrder online
Xfinity Xfinity Mobile Unlimited IntroCall for price20GB (afterward speeds reduced to 1.5Mbps)Get a FREE Unlimited line for a year when you buy an Unlimited LineView Plans
Optimum Optimum Mobile Unlimited$45.00/mo. (1 line, $30.00/mo. per line w/ 2 or more lines)20GB (afterward speeds reduced to 512 Kbps)Up to $15 off monthly bill when you bundle Optimum Mobile with internetView Plans
Spectrum Spectrum Mobile Unlimited$45.00/mo. ($29.99/mo. per line for 2+ lines)20GB (afterward speeds reduced to 1Mbps)Get a free line of the Unlimited Mobile plan for a year when you sign up for an internet plan with speeds of 300Mbps or fasterView Plans
Cox Communications Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited$45.00/mo.20GB (afterward speeds reduced to 1.5Mbps)Get $15 per month off your Cox internet plan when you sign up for a Cox Mobile phone planView Plans
Verizon Unlimited Ultimate$75.00/mo.Unlimited (speeds never reduced)$25/mo. off Fios or 5G Home Internet when you have a qualifying Verizon wireless plan
AT&T AT&T Unlimited Premium$85.99/mo.Unlimited (speeds never reduced)$20 monthly discount on AT&T Fiber when you bundle it with a qualifying AT&T wireless planView Plans
T-Mobile Home Internet T-Mobile Go5G Plus$90.00/mo.Unlimited (speeds never reduced)$20/mo. off 5G Home Internet when you also have Go5G Next, Go5G Plus, or Magenta MAXView Plans


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