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Frontier Business Internet Plans, Pricing, and Review

Frontier’s business fiber is an excellent megabits-per-dollar value.


Price: $69.99–$129.99/mo.†

Speeds: 500–2,000Mbps

Data cap: No cap

Contract: No contract

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Provider star ratings are based on user reviews and our independent customer satisfaction survey.

Our Frontier Business internet review

Frontier’s fiber internet for business is an excellent megabits-per-dollar value when you compare similar plans from AT&T and Verizon. The lack of data caps, contracts, and equipment fees means you can focus more on the business and less on your monthly internet expenses. It’s a barebones service by default, so expect to pay more for add-ons like antivirus and internet backup.


  • No annual contract
  • No data caps


  • Price hikes after 12 mos.
  • Limited nationwide availability

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Compare Frontier Business internet plans and pricing

PackagePriceSpeedView on Frontier's site
Frontier Business Fiber 500$69.99/mo.*500MbpsShop Plans
Frontier Business Fiber 1 Gig$94.99/mo.*1,000MbpsShop Plans
Frontier Business Fiber 2 Gig$129.99/mo.*2,000MbpsShop Plans

Frontier Business speeds and data caps: The details

What’s the best Frontier Business internet plan you can get? Does Frontier provide enough speed for your business? What’s included with a Frontier Business internet plan? We go over the finer details.

Our favorite plan: Frontier Business

The 1 Gig service is our recommended starting point for businesses. It can easily handle 20 employees and all the added applications and services your business needs to thrive. For smaller businesses, go with the Fiber 500 plan instead—gigabit internet is probably more than you need.

Frontier Business speeds: What’s best for you?

The speeds you need squarely depend on the number of people you have, the applications you use, and the services you offer.

For residential internet, we like to say 100Mbps per person is ideal—it’s enough bandwidth to carry out common tasks like 4K video streaming, video calling, and gaming, plus have some extra bandwidth left over as a buffer. Employees don’t need that much bandwidth per seat (unless they’re pushing large files), so 50Mbps is probably ideal for a couple of employees.

However, unlike residential internet, business needs are more demanding. You need additional bandwidth for things like customer Wi-Fi, e-commerce server hosting, cross-site VPN connectivity, Point-of-Sale (PoS) transactions, and so on.

That said, we have a handy chart to give you an idea of how much bandwidth you need on a per-seat basis, but also factor in all the extra applications and services your business needs to be functional and successful.

Internet speedOffice size
1–50Mbps1–2 employees
51–100Mbps2–3 employees
101–250Mbps3–5 employees
251–500Mbps5–10 employees
501–750Mbps11–20 employees
751Mbps or fasterMore than 20 employees

Frontier Business data caps: Policy, fees, and penalties

Frontier Business data caps: Policy, fees, and penalties

Is Frontier Business internet available in your area?

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Frontier Business: Other notable callouts

Although the service isn’t listed on the Frontier Business website, the company announced it teamed up with Nile to deliver a Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) add-on for business customers. Rather than build and manage an expensive network, businesses can rent the network hardware along with any software-based services. It’s cloud-managed and scalable, too, allowing customers to add and remove components like switches and access points as needed. NaaS is typically more of an enterprise-grade subscription model, so availability may depend on the size of your business.

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Frontier Business deals and promotions

Get a $300 Visa® Reward Card when you sign up for Fiber 2 Gig internet, or option for the $100 Visa® Reward Card if you choose the Fiber 1 Gig internet plan.


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Frontier Business internet extra features

RingCentralStarting at $19.99/mo. per seat.
SmartVoiceStarting at $19.99/mo. per seat.
Static IPStarting at $19.99/mo.
Secure Pro$4.99/mo.
Internet BackupCall for details
Premium Tech Pro$10.00/mo.

In addition to your Frontier Business internet plan, you can tack on additional features to give your business a leg up against the competition.


RingCentral combines instant messaging, video conferencing, phone calling, SMS texting, and eFax into one app. A single RingCentral Essential seat costs $19.99 per month, offering a set number of minutes, SMS messages, and video participants. If your business needs more, Standard and Premium seats are available.


SmartVoice is a VoIP phone service for Frontier Business customers. It includes over 180 calling features, including instant messaging, visual voicemail, voicemail-to-email, unified messaging, and more. Plus, the Frontier Communicator app allows you to use your personal phone to send and receive calls from your business number.

Secure Pro

Secure Pro provides antivirus and anti-malware protection for up to 35 devices for a monthly fee. It can be installed on Windows PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Static IP

A static IP is ideal if your business runs an in-house e-commerce server, a VPN service, or multiple cross-site file servers. One static IP address costs $19.99, but you can reserve blocks containing up to 61 usable IP addresses, depending on your location.

Internet Backup

Frontier Internet Backup keeps your business online when your fiber connection goes down. This service includes a battery backup and a cellular modem supporting up to four wired devices.

Frontier Business internet fees

Equipment feeNo fee
Installation feeUp to $95.00 (waived for a limited time)
Printed bill feeUp to $3.49 per month
Equipment restocking fee$50.00
Unreturned equipment feeUp to $150.00 per device

Frontier Business doesn’t slam your budget with a lot of hidden fees. The equipment costs you nothing, although we couldn’t find pricing for extra Wi-Fi extenders after the initial four. The printed bill fee shouldn’t be surprising, as all internet providers are moving to paperless billing.

Frontier Business internet installation, equipment, and contracts

Here’s the skinny on what’s involved with your Frontier Business fiber internet plan.

Frontier Business installation

Frontier Business provides pro and self-installation options, depending on your current setup. New installations require a professional installation, while customers with pre-existing fiber setups receive a self-install kit. Some pre-existing installations also include coax cable, so be sure to read Frontier’s Quickstart Guide to see how to connect the extra hardware.

Frontier Business equipment

All three plans include a free Ultrafast Wi-Fi 6E System (Sagemcom) packing a 2.5Gbps WAN port, support for MoCA installations, a phone jack, a USB port, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, and a battery backup jack. However, the big callout is its third 6 GHz band with superfast Wi-Fi speeds, but it’s only accessible through Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 client devices.

Wi-Fi 6E Extenders are also available, and the technician sets them up as needed during installation. Every fiber plan includes up to four extenders at no extra cost.

Frontier Business contracts

Frontier doesn’t have the traditional ball-and-chain contract, but you must maintain your business fiber service for 30 days if you accept a Visa® Reward Card.

Frontier Business internet customer ratings

SpeedPriceReliabilityCustomer serviceOverall
Frontier customer satisfaction rating3.
Average rating*3.8/53.4/53.7/53.6/53.7

We don’t have information based on its business fiber internet, but we can look at Fronter’s residential internet results to get an idea about customer satisfaction.

According to our data, Frontier’s home internet service is average in terms of customer service and price but below the national average for speed, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction.

Frontier’s business customers presumably have a far better opinion about their fiber internet, given they’re prioritized over residential ones.

Frontier Business vs. the competition

ProviderPlan price rangeSpeeds (range)User rating*Order online
Frontier $69.99–$129.99/mo.500–2,000Mbps3.5/5View Frontier Business Plans
AT&T $40.00–$255.00/mo.300–5,000Mbps3.9/5View AT&T Business Plans

You’ll probably never see Frontier Business mingle with another fiber internet provider, but comparing prices and speeds is always interesting. Frontier mentions dedicated fiber connections in a 2018 blog post, but we’re unsure if its business fiber uses a dedicated line or if clients share bandwidth with their neighbors. AT&T and Verizon list dedicated fiber lines as a second optional service, while Frontier doesn’t.

With Frontier Business, you get a rent-free router and four Wi-Fi extenders with any fiber plan but expect to pay a monthly fee for its security suite. In contrast, AT&T Business provides a gateway and the AT&T ActiveArmor internet security suite at no extra charge.

Unlike Frontier Business, Verizon Business charges a monthly equipment fee on all plans under 940Mbps. And while Frontier’s Secure Pro is a mere $5 per month for up to 35 devices, Verizon’s Business Internet Secure appears to be a separate service starting at $10 per month and requires an eligible router to use.

Our verdict: Is Frontier Business internet right for you?

Frontier Business is an excellent megabits-per-dollar value during the first 12 months. There are no contracts to sign, no data caps and overage fees to worry about, and no equipment fees, making Frontier one of the most budget-friendly and worry-free business internet providers we’ve seen.

But it’s also somewhat of a barebones service by default. There are no included perks outside the rent-free equipment, like anti-malware protection or custom email addresses. All the notable features are add-on services, which can get pricey if you need everything Frontier Business offers.

Unfortunately, Frontier’s fiber is limited in availability. You’ll likely see it as an alternative to Spectrum Business or Comcast Business, both of which offer cable and fiber in the business space. Go with Frontier’s business fiber if cable internet is your only other option.

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Our editorial team bases our analyses on customer input from our annual customer satisfaction survey, results from our speed test tool, and proprietary internet provider data on speeds and pricing. To strengthen our research, we look closely at provider contracts to get hard-to-find information on price hikes, data caps, and extra fees, and we keep tabs on the latest news reports and online reviews. When applicable, we also rely on our personal experiences testing these services.