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Breezeline Internet Review

Cable provider offers fast speeds, TV bundles—and steep price hikes


Price: $19.99–$59.99/mo.*
Speeds: 100–1,000 Mbps
Data cap: Unlimited
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Our Breezeline internet review

Formerly known as Atlantic Broadband, Breezeline is a growing cable internet provider that offers fast speeds and a wide variety of TV bundles. It’s mostly available on the East Coast and in parts of the South and Midwest, and it also has fiber internet in some limited areas.

Its internet plans come at cheap starting prices. You don’t have to worry about data caps, nor do you have to sign up for an annual contract. But watch out for the massive price hikes that hit six months into your service.


  • Fast download speeds
  • No data caps or contracts


  • Huge price hikes after six months
  • Confusing website

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Compare Breezeline internet plans and pricing

PackageStarting price (for first 6 mos.)Regular priceDownload speedUpload speedView on Breezeline site
Base Internet$19.99/mo.$65.59/mo.100 Mbps10 MbpsShop Plans
Unlimited Fast Internet$39.99/mo.$87.19/mo.200 Mbps20 MbpsShop Plans
Unlimited UltraFast Internet$39.99/mo.$108.79/mo.500 Mbps50 MbpsShop Plans
Unlimited GigaFast Internet$59.99/mo.$130.39/mo.1,000 Mbps50 MbpsShop Plans

Breezeline’s speeds: What’s best for you?

Breezeline offers a standard range of speed tiers. The Base Internet package offers 100 Mbps, which is actually pretty fast if you live in a small household and don’t have too many Wi-Fi devices.

Unlimited Fast Internet and Unlimited UltraFast Internet are better for larger households where more than four people regularly work, stream, and game on the same Wi-Fi. Unlimited GigaFast Internet is a deluxe option that’s only necessary if you have 10 housemates or you’re a regular Twitch streamer, or both.

Take a look at our “How Much Internet Speed Do I Need?” tool to get a better idea of what internet plan works best for you.


Breezeline’s data caps

Breezeline doesn’t have any data caps on its internet plans. You can stream, game, and make Zoom calls as much as you want all month long without worrying about overage charges or slowed speeds. That’s one thing we really like about this cable provider.

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Our favorite plan: You really can’t go wrong with Breezeline’s Unlimited Fast Internet plan. This cable package gives you excellent download speeds of 200 Mbps, which can handle a great deal of streaming, gaming, and video calling. The starting price is less than $50 a month—a steal for speeds that fast.

After six months, the plan reverts to the current retail price (or “Everyday price,” as Breezeline calls it) of $87.19 per month. That’s not exactly cheap, and there are other internet companies that give you internet at a fixed rate. But it’s not too bad for what you get.

Does Breezeline offer internet and TV bundles?

Yes, Breezeline offers a variety of internet and TV bundles. Prices start at $55 or $75 per month when you combine the Base Internet or Fast Internet plan with the most basic TV plan.

From there you can add on additional packages—see our chart below for all the details. The prices can get pretty steep, though, since Breezeline requires that customers stack TV plans on top of each other. So in order to get Family+, for example, you also need to order Variety+.

Breezeline TV packages

Package# of channelsTypes of channelsPriceView on Breezeline site
Basic TV plan36ABC, CBS, NBC (plus streaming and on demand)$29.98/mo.Shop Plans
Variety+62CNN, Fox, ESPN, Hallmark, Disney Channel$69.99/mo.Shop Plans
Family+40ESPNU, Magnolia Network, National Geographic Wild, and Great American Country$12.99/mo. (Variety+ required)Shop Plans
Premium channelsAvailable à la carteMax, Cinemax, Paramount+ with Showtime, Starz/StarzEncore, Epix, Movieplexes$1.99–$19.99/mo. (depending on channel)Shop Plans

Breezeline doesn’t offer standalone TV service, so if you want cable TV through the company, you have to get internet as well.

Breezeline’s TV packages vary in price. Monthly billing can vary depending on the type of internet plan you’re getting and any promotional offers available, so it’s best to contact Breezeline directly to get a quote.

Breezeline internet fees

Equipment Fee$14.99/mo. for modem/router; $14.99/mo. for WiFi Your Way™ Home mesh router and app
Installation FeeNo fee for self-install; $50 for professional installation

Most internet providers have extra fees that come along with your monthly bill, but Breezeline goes light on the customer. Professional installation costs a flat rate of $50, but you can set up the Wi-Fi yourself for free if you qualify for self installation.

Breezeline also charges $14.99 per month to rent a gateway (a combination modem and router). You also have the option of choosing Breezeline’s WiFi Your Way mesh system. We think WiFi Your Way is the best way (no pun intended) since it costs the same as the regular gateway and gives you wider coverage in your home and also includes a handy app.

You can avoid these extra equipment charges, though, if you buy your own equipment. Getting your own router also gives you flexibility when it comes to setting up your own security features and parental controls. However, you can’t get a home phone plan through Breezeline if you don’t use its router.

Breezeline internet installation, equipment, and contracts

There are two installation options with Breezeline—professional or self-install.

Breezeline installation and equipment

Breezeline’s self-install option is the best one because it doesn’t cost extra. The provider mails you a kit with cables, equipment, and instructions and then you set everything up yourself. You also get a gateway (a combination modem/router) if you’re renting one.

The self-install kit takes three to five days to ship, and your order includes tracking information so you can keep track of when it will arrive.

Not all homes qualify for self-installation. If your house doesn’t already have the necessary wiring for a cable internet connection, you will need a technician to come by and set everything up. Professional installation costs $50, which is not too expensive by internet providers’ standards.

Breezeline internet contracts

You don’t have to sign an annual contract when you get a Breezeline internet plan. You can cancel any time without facing early termination fees. However, make sure to return your modem/router if you’re renting one, otherwise you will be charged for it.

Breezeline internet customer ratings

Speed RatingPrice RatingReliability RatingCustomer Service RatingOverall Rating
Breezeline customer satisfaction ratingN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Average rating*3.8/53.2/53.6/53.6/53.6

Breezeline gets a dismal 1.07 out of 5 rating with the Better Business Bureau. Customers have voiced complaints about technical issues arising in the wake of Breezeline’s acquisition of the internet provider WideOpenWest (WOW!). Many customers have written into the Better Business Bureau in recent months with complaints about high prices and spotty connections, citing regular outages and inconsistent performance from customer service.

As for our own data, unfortunately the provider isn’t one of the providers featured in our annual customer satisfaction survey. But if you’re a Breezeline customer, we’re eager to hear what you think. See our customer reviews page below to make a comment and share your experiences.

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We’re eager to hear about customers’ experiences with their internet service, so please use our Customer Review form to let us know what it’s like to have Breezline as your internet provider. You can also see what other customers think.

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How Breezeline compares to the competition

ProviderPlan price rangeSpeeds (range)User rating*Order online
Xfinity$30.00–$80.00/mo.75–1,200 Mbps3.7/5.0View Xfinity Plans
Spectrum$49.99–$89.99/mo.300–1,000 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)3.7/5.0View Spectrum Plans
Verizon$49.99–$119.99/mo.§200–2,048 Mbps3.9/5.0

Breezeline doesn’t quite stack up against its major competitors. Cable providers Xfinity and Spectrum both have lower prices for roughly the same speeds, and neither hits the customer with drastic price hikes after six months like Breezeline does. Also, these providers’ TV packages give you more channels with straightforward pricing structures. However, Xfinity imposes data caps on its plans and has term contracts, while Breezeline doesn’t.

As for fiber providers, Verizon offers internet in some of the same areas as Breezeline—and, again, it gives you a better deal. Verizon’s baseline plan costs more initially than Breezeline’s, but ends up being around $15 cheaper once Breezeline’s regular price kicks in. Also, Verizon’s baseline plan is 100 Mbps faster and all of its Fios fiber plans come with über-speedy symmetrical uploads.

Is Breezeline internet right for you?

Breezeline is a decent internet provider, with fast speeds and some additional perks that sweeten the deal. You don’t have to worry about data caps or contracts, and you can get speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps.

The main drawback with Breezeline is that it’s quite expensive. Once the initial promotional prices expire, its plans end up costing way higher than average for relatively standard cable-internet speeds. We’re also not so keen on Breezeline’s premium TV packages, which rack up in price but come with a relatively small number of channels.

If there’s a more mainstream internet provider in your area, we recommend going with that. But Breezeline can get you what you need if you’re looking for a straightforward cable-internet and TV package.

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