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"Frontier broadband is a great internet service provider..."

Marie Burgess-Collins | Madison, IN
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Frontier broadband offers some of the fastest internet speeds available through DSL technology. It also offers fair prices.

For customers looking for affordable fiber-optic internet, FiOS from Frontier is a gem. It delivers internet using superior fiber technology at competitive prices.

Why choose Frontier?

Choose Frontier to get quality internet speed for less than $50.00 per month. Or get FiOS from Frontier if you’re looking for fiber internet on a budget.

HSI Rating


Speed 4.7

Value 6.6

Consumer Interest 9.0

Consumer Satisfaction 6.7

The HSI Ratings are an aggregate score assigned by our Internet professionals. It includes several factors, including:

  • HSI's 2015 Consumer Survey
  • Government Data on ISP Speed and Reliability
  • Insights from Industry Insiders
  • On-site Customer Feedback
  • Analysis of Patterns in the HSI Database
  • Feedback from our partners

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HSI's Assessment of Frontier Communications


Frontier Communications Internet speeds

Download up to

24 Mbps

Upload up to


The DSL Internet available from Frontier comes in three different speed tiers. The lowest tier delivers up to 6 Mbps, the highest tier, up to 24 Mbps. These are really good speeds for a DSL service. Although Frontier DSL did not get a good rating for speed in a 2015 HSI Independent Customer Satisfaction survey (just 4 out of 10), it was the second highest rated DSL provider in the speed category. This suggests the low score was a function of comparing DSL to cable and fiber, not necessarily the shortcomings of Frontier. The fact that Frontier received a score of 7 out of 10 for overall customer satisfaction also suggests that most people are happy with their service.


Frontier Communications Internet Prices

Internet Packages starting at


Top-Tier packages starting at


The three tiers of Frontier DSL Internet service range in price from about $20 per month to about $35 per month. If you want home phone service, that’s a good deal. Frontier includes their modem/router combo in the monthly charges when bundled with a qualifying service, so you save on equipment fees. You can also lock in your price for 1 year which could mean even bigger savings down the road. The Frontier installation fee is $75, but you can get around that with a self-installation option or by bundling. Frontier is very affordable while still giving customers some of the fastest DSL Internet available. Plus, it offers a lot of savings by eliminating many of the additional fees other companies charge. You’ll get a lot for your money with Frontier Internet.

Customer Satisfaction

As mentioned before, Frontier DSL Internet earned a rating of 7 out of 10 for overall customer satisfaction. While much of that satisfaction likely comes from Frontier being such a great value, some of it also stems from the customer service Frontier provides. Several customer reviews on HSI mention how friendly the Installation technicians are and, of course, many also mention the low price. From savings to service, plus free 24/7 tech support, Frontier clearly cares about the customer experience and it show in the rating it received in the customer satisfaction survey.

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