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Baby Fever: Which State Loves Baby Yoda the Most?

Barring the exception of a few killjoys, we all love Baby Yoda and would protect The Child at any cost. That cute lil’ 50-year-old creature has stolen the hearts of millions before it even said its first words. (Of course, talk is cheap when you have telekinetic Force powers).

But when it comes down to it, which state loves Baby Yoda the most? Which state would be the safest haven for this angelic goblin? Who could possibly be as worthy as the Mandolarian himself to protect the child? Here’s what we learned:

Baby Yoda Popularity Map

Of course, Baby Yoda is a huge hit in Utah, where it’s all about family (and where they have one of the highest birth rates in the country).

As the first season of The Mandolorian continues, we presume the adorable adolescent alien will continue trending in the news as a tour de force, which we’re all about. As the Mandalorians say, “This is the way.”

The Disney+ base plan costs $8 per month, and to bundle in Hulu and ESPN+, you’re looking at $15 per month—not bad at all.

See where your state ranks in Baby Yoda love.

Rank State
1 Utah
2 New Hampshire
3 Rhode Island
4 Washington
5 Oregon
6 Arizona
7 Colorado
8 Indiana
9 Kentucky
10 Montana
11 Missouri
12 Alaska
13 Ohio
14 Massachusetts
15 Wisconsin
16 Kansas
17 Illinois
18 Wyoming
19 New Mexico
20 West Virginia
21 California
22 Idaho
23 Pennsylvania
24 Michigan
25 North Dakota
26 Connecticut
27 Nevada
28 Virginia
29 Vermont
30 Oklahoma
31 Delaware
32 Nebraska
33 Minnesota
34 Tennessee
35 Iowa
36 Florida
37 North Carolina
38 Texas
39 Maine
40 Maryland
41 New Jersey
42 Alabama
43 South Carolina
44 New York
45 South Dakota
46 Hawaii
47 Arkansas
48 Georgia
49 Louisiana
50 District of Columbia
51 Mississippi


Our team of data analysts at used Google Trends to find and rank the states that googled “Baby Yoda” the most.

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