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Top 2 Satellite Internet Providers

Satellite Internet ProviderDownload SpeedUpload SpeedIntroductory Price for Top SpeedTop Features
Up to 30 MbpsUp to 3 Mbps$99.99 per month $150/mo. after 3 months

2-Year Price Lock Guarantee*

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Up to 25 Mbps(†)Up to 3 Mbps$49.99 per month For 24 months, 24-month commitment required.Free Standard Installation(‡)View Plans
Satellite Internet Provider
Download SpeedUp to 30 Mbps
Upload SpeedUp to 3 Mbps
Introductory Price for Top Speed$99.99 per month $150/mo. after 3 months
Top Features

2-Year Price Lock Guarantee*

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Satellite Internet Provider
Download SpeedUp to 25 Mbps(†)
Upload SpeedUp to 3 Mbps
Introductory Price for Top Speed$49.99 per month For 24 months, 24-month commitment required.
Top FeaturesFree Standard Installation(‡)
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Data valid as of 03/26/2018. Speeds and pricing vary by area and are subject to change.

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People who rely on satellite internet have fewer options than they used to. Recently, three of the former top five satellite internet providers discontinued their service, leaving consumers with only two choices: HughesNet® or Viasat Internet.

Both these companies offer satellite internet only, but they can both be paired with DIRECTV for satellite TV service.

Which satellite internet service should you choose?

Viasat Internet is your best choice for satellite internet because it offers faster speeds. Satellite internet always has lag—it’s inherent to how the technology works. But because the lag is unavoidable, you’ll want as much speed as possible to reduce any additional delays. That’s why you should choose Viasat and its superior speeds for your satellite internet provider.

Viasat Internet (formerly Exede Internet) recently updated its technology and now offers speeds up to 30 Mbps. Viasat Internet costs more than HughesNet, but you also get more speed and unlimited data. The variety of speeds offered by Viasat lets more consumers find a package that fits the way they use the internet. Whether you like browsing social media or streaming HD movies, Viasat has a package for you.


Viasat offers several internet packages with unlimited data and speeds ranging from 12 Mbps to 30 Mbps. These Viasat packages come with built-in Wi-Fi for setting up a home network. The most affordable plan starts at just $50.00 per month, but that cost will double if you want the top speed.

Viasat Internet packages vary in speed but all have unlimited data.(§)


Speeds up to

12 Mbps

Starting at


$70/mo. after 3 months


Speeds up to

25 Mbps

Starting at


$100/mo. after 3 months


Speeds up to

30 Mbps

Starting at


$150/mo. after 3 months

Data Thresholds

Although the data on the Viasat plans is technically unlimited, it does have some regulations. Along with variations in the top speeds offered, the Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages from Viasat Internet also vary in their data thresholds, which are 40 GB, 60 GB, and 100 GB respectively. Keep in mind, these are thresholds, not limits.

If you go over your data threshold, your online activities will be deprioritized by the provider. This doesn’t mean it will throttle your speed. You will still get the full bandwidth you’re paying for, but the data transported to and from your connection may have to wait behind that of others on the network who have not yet hit their data threshold.

It’s like being on the freeway. Before you hit your data threshold, you’re in the HOV lane, cruising by all the traffic. After you hit your threshold, you have to use the slower lanes. You’re still on the freeway and the speed limit didn’t change, but you lost priority over other traffic.

Bundling Options

Viasat gives customers a $10.00 per month discount on their satellite internet service for six months if customers bundle it with Viasat Voice, its satellite phone service.(||) Viasat also offers a 2-Year Price Lock Guarantee* and professional installation. Installation costs will vary depending on the requirements of your building.

Upcoming Changes

Viasat launched a new telecommunications satellite, Viasat-2, in 2017. Along with allowing greater satellite internet coverage, it will reportedly allow Viasat Internet to provide service to more subscribers and offer higher speeds. According to one report, the new satellite could give Viasat Internet the capability to deliver satellite internet service up to 100 Mbps.

The satellite is already passing tests and recently demonstrated its potential for military communications. Look for even more improvements to Viasat Internet service offerings in the near future.

See what ViaSat plans and available in your area:

If you’re simply looking for the lowest price for satellite internet, HughesNet might be right for you. It’s top internet speed (and only speed option) isn’t as fast as Viasat Internet, but it is less expensive.


The 25 Mbps offered on all four HughesNet package tiers provides enough speed for your favorite online activities. With HughesNet, you can watch videos, listen to music, and stay in contact with your friends and family via social media or email, but you will need to keep an eye on your data.

HughesNet’s four packages offer 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds, but each has a different data limit. Each of the four plans have a 24-month commitment requirement.

10 GB of data

Starting at


for 24 months

20 GB of data

Starting at


for 24 months

30 GB of data

Starting at


for 24 months

50 GB of data

Starting at


for 24 months

Data Plans

In addition to the included data, you’ll also get a Bonus Zone of 50 GB of free data between 2:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.(#)

Although you can still use the internet if you exceed your data plan, HughesNet  will reduce your speed to about 3 Mbps. So, taking advantage of the Bonus Zone for activities that use a lot of data will help keep your internet running quickly. But if you do go over your data plan, don’t worry. Even at the lower speed, you can still enjoy most online activities.

Pro Tip: The Bonus Zone occurs during hours most people will find inconvenient, but you can make good use of it with a little planning. These hours are a great time to download games or movies you want to play or watch later. Doing this will help you save on your regular data by watching or playing something you’ve already downloaded instead of streaming it during your non-bonus hours. Some services even allow you to schedule downloads in advance, making this strategy even more convenient.

Additional Services

HughesNet includes Wi-Fi in its packages and offers free standard installation.(‡) It also features Video Data Saver, which automatically adjusts your internet speed to help save data while still streaming smoothly.(†,‡)

What is satellite internet?

Satellite internet is delivered wirelessly, making it different from DSL, fiber, and cable internet. Instead of digging intrusive trenches and installing cables, satellite internet providers launch communication transmitters (satellites) into orbit around the earth. Orbiting satellites provide the connection necessary to deliver a variety of electronic communications, including TV, phone, and internet services.

Most satellite internet connections qualify as broadband internet.

The wireless nature of satellite internet service makes it available almost anywhere, providing service to many people who otherwise couldn’t access the internet. For example, many rural residents and people living or working in remote locations rely on satellite technology to stay connected with their friends and family around the world.

What about other satellite internet providers?

During our research, we were surprised to find so few satellite internet providers. We were sure some providers must be missing. However, due to some recent brand consolidations, each line of research led us to only the two providers we reviewed above. Below is a brief explanation of why some known names in satellite internet were not included in this article.


DISH used to provide satellite internet service under the brand name dishNET, but that is no longer available. However, DISH still offers affordable satellite TV.


WildBlue is part of Viasat Internet. It’s the same service and uses the same equipment—it’s simply sold under a different brand name.


EarthLink still offers internet service (including wireless) but it does not offer satellite internet. The wireless internet service is delivered via 4G cell towers rather than satellites.

Exede Internet

In 2018, Viasat (Exede’s parent company) dropped the name Exede Internet and now uses Viasat Internet as the brand name for all its satellite internet service offerings.

Where can I get satellite internet?

Although high-speed satellite internet is available almost everywhere, it might not be for you. If you would like to explore your other options, we can help you there too. To see a list of Internet Service Providers available in your area, simply enter your zip code in the box below.


* The price lock guarantee applies only to the standard monthly internet service fee and the monthly equipment lease fee (in each case, before any promotional discounts) and excludes all taxes and surcharges. The price lock guarantee runs for 24 consecutive months from the date of account activation, requires that the customer’s account remain in good standing, and may terminate with certain account changes.

The HughesNet Gen5 service plans are designed to deliver download speeds of 25 Mbps and upload speeds of 3 Mbps, but individual customers may experience different speeds at different times of the day. Speeds and uninterrupted use are not guaranteed and may vary based on a variety of factors including: the configuration of your computer, the number of concurrent users, network or Internet congestion, the capabilities and content of the Websites you are accessing, network management practices as deemed necessary, and other factors. When you connect to the HughesNet service using Wi-Fi, your experience will vary based on your proximity to the Wi-Fi source and the strength of the signal.

Free standard installation valid on Lease option only. Not valid with the Purchase option. Limited-time offer.

§ On the Unlimited Bronze, Silver, and Gold service plans, are 40, 60, or 100 GB of data usage, respectively, we may prioritize your data behind other customers during network congestion.

All plans require 24-month commitment and $10/month equipment lease fee and are subject to taxes. Speeds and video streaming quality are “up to,” are not guaranteed and may vary. Service is not available in all areas.

|| New customers in participating sales channels who order Viasat Voice at the same time they order Viasat Internet will receive a savings of $10 per month on their Viasat Voice service for the first six full months of services provided they continue to receive both services. Existing Viasat Internet customers in participating sales channels who add Viasat Voice service will receive a savings of $10 per month on their Voice service for the first six months of Viasat Voice service provided they continue to receive both services.

# If you exceed your monthly plan data, you will experience reduced data speeds until that start of your next billing period. Reduced speeds may be as low as or lower than 1 Mbps and may cause Web sites to load more slowly or affect the performance of certain activities, such as video streaming or large downloads/uploads. Visit for network management details.

HughesNet is a registered trademark of Hughes Network Systems, LLC, an EchoStar company.