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How To Get Low-Income Internet Through Sparklight

Sparklight offers an inexpensive plan to keep you connected—no qualification required

The end of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) brought bad news for Sparklight customers who had been getting $30 off their internet bills every month, and there’s no clear sign the government will renew the program. However, Sparklight is helping customers stay connected with a plan that costs just $25 per month for the first year.

“We understand the discontinuation of the ACP benefit may be difficult for some households, but we have a variety of options to keep our customers connected to fast and reliable internet at a price that meets their usage and budget requirements,” says Trish Niemann, vice president of Communications Strategy for Sparklight. “We strongly encourage ACP customers to reach out to us directly, if they haven’t already, so that we can discuss their individual needs and identify an affordable plan that best meets those needs.”

Neimann encourages lower-income folks to consider the Connect Internet 100 plan and confirms that Sparklight has reached out to impacted customers with letters and offers.

Learn more about the program she recommends below. We’ll also go over additional internet options from Sparklight, alternatives to Sparklight, and other ways you can get online on a budget.

What is Connect Internet 100?

Connect Internet 100 is the cheapest Sparklight plan available. With download speeds up to 100Mbps and upload speeds as fast as 10Mbps, that’s enough bandwidth for everyday activities such as browsing, posting on social media, and streaming video on one or two devices at a time.

New subscribers will be charged $25 per month for the first year of the contract. After that, the price doubles to $50 per month. In addition to the monthly price, new subscribers will be charged $12.50 every month to lease a modem (or they can buy their own). They can also rent Wi-Fi gear for an additional fee or buy their own.

The following one-time charges also apply for new customers:

  • Installation: $90
  • Depost: $25
  • Activation fee: $30

A Sparklight spokesperson confirmed that Sparklight customers who had been on the ACP will not be charged these fees.

No data overage fees or contracts

There’s no contract required with Connect Internet 100, so there’s no early termination fee to worry about. You’re in the clear on data overage fees too. Sparklight lets you use 5TB every month, and with plans of just 100Mbps, it would be nearly impossible to chug through that much data in a month. Even if you did, Sparklight slows your speeds down rather than imposing fees.

How to get Connect Internet 100

No special eligibility rules apply for customers who want Connect Internet 100 from Sparklight, but you will need to agree to a credit check and pay a deposit plus installation and activation fees.

Visit Sparklight and enter your address to see if you can sign up for Sparlight in your area.

Is Sparklight your only option?

Enter your zip code below for a list of internet providers that do business in your area.

Other plan options from Sparklight

Sparklight offers a range of plans and prices (with different offerings in different areas). The Connect Internet 100 plan is good enough for many households but if you have a busy home with a lot of connected TVs and consoles, you might want more speed.

Take our quick speed needs quiz to get an idea of the bandwidth your home needs. Below is a list of Sparklight plans that may be suitable.

Sparklight plans

PackagePriceSpeedConnection typeOrder online
Connect Internet 100$25.00/mo.*100MbpsCable
Internet 50 Mbps$40.00/mo.50MbpsCable
Internet 300$70.00/mo.300MbpsCable
Freedom Connect 600$65.00–$85.00/mo.§600MbpsCable

What happens when the ACP ends?

If you are a Sparklight customer who has benefited from the ACP subsidy, you’ve probably already received Sparklight notices about the end of the program. Your options were to either agree to pay full price for services or end your service.

If you chose to continue service, you may receive $7–$16 toward your internet bill for May but will be responsible for the rest.

If you missed the notices, your internet could be shut off in June. Here’s how to prevent that:

  • Acknowledge you got the disclosures about the ACP’s ending.
  • Agree to pay for internet service without the ACP discount.
  • Pay your full bill for the upcoming month.

If you’re still on the fence about Sparklight, we get it! Check out our resources for finding other free and low-cost options before you decide.

Alternatives to the ACP

Unfortunately for Sparklight customers, the company does not participate in the federal Lifeline program, which offers a subsidy for either phone or internet service for folks in need.

If you qualify, though, consider finding a provider who does participate. Get started by entering your zip code into the provider search tool from the Universal Services Administrative Co., which manages the program.

Libraries and local help

Your state or local government may also have benefit programs to help lower-income folks get internet access. If you have access to a search engine, enter the name of your state and “free internet” or “internet assistance” and look for sites with a “.gov” ending.

Your local library is another way to get help accessing the internet. You may be able to check out devices such as a mobile hotspot or laptop. Better yet, the librarians are probably familiar with local aid programs and can help you apply.

Other providers with low-income programs

Sparklight offers cable internet service in 24 states, and competes with different providers in each state. Your exact address will determine which providers are available to you, but the following is a list of some of Sparklight’s biggest competitors that offer affordable internet access.

If you have a choice between Sparklight and a DSL provider, Sparklight is usually the better choice. If you have the option of fiber internet from any provider (and the budget), go with fiber. If you live in a city or suburban area, 5G home internet may be worth a shot.

Get a list of providers near you

Where you live will determine which internet service you can sign up for. Enter your zip code below to see your options.

Additional resources

We are big believers in fast internet around here, and we think it’s important for everyone to have access (regardless of how much they make or where they live). We’ve put together the following resources to point you in the right direction:

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