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Cox Internet Speed Test

Test your Cox internet speeds with one click.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do my speeds compare to others?
How much internet speed do I need?
What is the fastest type of internet?
Why is my internet so slow?
How can I improve my internet speed?

Cox Internet speeds and plans

PackageSpeedPriceShop plans
Cox Go FastUp to 100 Mbps$49.99/mo.*Shop Cox Plans
Cox Go FasterUp to 250 Mbps$59.99/mo.*Shop Cox Plans
Cox Go Even Faster500 Mbps$79.99/mo.*Shop Cox Plans
Cox Go Super FastUp to 1,000$99.99/mo.*Shop Cox Plans
Cox Go Beyond Fast$149.99/mo.$149.99/mo.*Shop Cox Plans

Not a Cox customer?

Cox offers a variety of plans at affordable prices. If you’re not a Cox customer and would like to become one, enter your zip code below to find out if Cox is available in your area.

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Cox average internet speed test results:

Average download speed: 136.27 Mbps

Average upload speed: 11.44 Mbps

Average latency: 24.76 ms

Total speed tests: 41,708

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Get free Panoramic wifi equipment rental for 24 months with any Cox internet plan. Plus, save $15 per month when you add mobile service to any Cox internet plan up to a gig.

How do Cox internet speed test results compare to competitors?

ProviderAverage download speedAverage upload speedAverage latency
Cox Communications 136.27 Mbps11.44 Mbps24.76 ms
AT&T 120.28 Mbps312.38 Mbps24.67 ms
66.39 Mbps64.98 Mbps31.54 ms

Why is my Cox internet speed slower than advertised?

A range of issues can decrease your internet speeds, but you should always expect some decrease in speed when using Wi-Fi vs. a wired Ethernet connection. A wired connection to your computer is usually faster and more reliable. Other causes of slow internet are network congestion, poor router placement, or faulty cabling.

How do Cox advertised internet speeds compare to competitors?

ProviderSpeedPriceShop plans
Cox Communications 100–2,000 Mbps$49.99–$149.99/mo.Shop Cox Plans
AT&T 25–5,000 Mbps$55.00–$180.00/mo.**Shop AT&T Plans
100–940 Mbps$50.00–$70.00/mo.***

Enter your zip code to see all providers and speeds available in your area.

Compare Cox internet to other providers

How much internet speed do you need?

Take our free quiz to see how much internet speed is right for you:

How Much Speed Do I Need?

What is a good internet speed?

Internet speedHow fast is this?What you can do
0–5 MbpsVery slowSend emails, search on Google, stream video in SD on one device
5–40 MbpsSlow to moderateStream video in HD on three or four devices, play online games
40–100 MbpsModerate to fastStream easily on multiple devices in HD or 4K, download big files quickly, run several smart devices
100–500 MbpsVery fastStream in 4K on more than five devices simultaneously, download massive files quickly, host a livestream
500–1,000+ MbpsExtremely fastStream in 4K on 10+ devices, run 10+ smart-home devices at a time, do basically anything on lots of devices
1,200–5,000 MbpsFaster than you needOperate a bitcoin-mining farm with two dozen computers, watch Frozen in 4K on 100 devices at the same time

About our Cox internet speed test

The Cox internet speed measures three things:

Download speed: The speed at which your device pulls data from the internet. Usually measured in Mbps or Gbps.

Upload speed: The speed at which your device sends data to the internet. Usually measured in Mbps or Gbps.

Latency (Ping): The time (measured in milliseconds) it takes for a signal to travel from your device to an internet server and back. Lower latency means your connection has a better response time for activities like gaming and livestreams.

Learn More About Internet Speeds

How does the Cox internet speed test work?

Our speed test starts by measuring your connection’s latency. To do this, it sends a small amount of data from your device to the nearest test server and measures how long it takes to receive a response. That measurement, recorded in milliseconds (ms), is your latency.

The speed test then measures your download and upload speeds. This is done by creating multiple simultaneous connections between your device and the test server, through which the test sends and requests data. Then, the test measures how much data is able to be sent and received in a predetermined amount of time. Once the timer ends and the results are calculated, your download and upload speeds are provided to you in megabits per second (Mbps).

Cox internet speed FAQ

How fast are Cox internet speeds?
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