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Fiber relies on glass strands to relay digital code and is much faster than both DSL and cable.

1. Viasat
Available in Camano Island
Download speeds up to
1. Viasat
Available in Camano Island
Download speeds up to
At least 6 months in business &
monthly revenue of $8k?
1. AT&T
Available in Camano Island
2. Sprint
Available in Camano Island
3. T-Mobile
Available in Camano Island

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What is the best internet provider in Camano Island?

Camano Island Residential Internet Coverage

The Washington community of Camano Island is located in Port Susan, offering residents beautiful waterfront views and tons of other exciting amenities. Roughly 16000 people call Camano Island home, so it's one of the larger communities on Washington's islands. If you're looking for high speed Internet service in this area, you're in the right place. The providers listed on this page can help you find the plan you need.

One option that has started to reach Camano Island is Frontier Fios. Frontier Fios is a national DSL provider with a substantial network on the mainland part of Washington, offering coverage to most large cities and quite a few suburbs. Parts of Camano Island are now in the Frontier Fios service area, including neighborhoods like Madrona Beach and Rockaway Beach. Download speeds vary, depending on which DSL plan you choose.

Another popular choice in Camano Island is Viasat. As one of the nation's largest satellite providers, Viasat offers consistent and widespread coverage across this entire community.

Broadband internet availability
(Internet faster than 25 Mbps)

Summary of Camano Island Internet Providers

ProviderTypeDownload speeds up toUser Rating
ViasatSatellite25 MbpsN/A
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Customer Reviews of Internet Providers in Camano Island

Unless I go to satellite my choices are Wave Broadband or Wave Broadband. Have used them for 10+ years with technical problems requiring a house call about twice a year. Pricing is high and data usage limits are low compared to what you could choose from in an urban area. The customer service is fairly good - although they are seldom able to solve the problem at least you get the impression they try. The email dated and not worth using when compared to other free services like Gmail. The amount of space allowed for email is so low as to be a joke. Pricing seems to jump WAY up with no warning but that is just a consequence of various deals ending. I would be much happier with Wave if there were reminders or warnings of pricing and data limit changes. Without these I believe the company just encourages cranky customers.

Toni Gomes Camano Island, WA2015-01-10

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