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The Best Fiber Internet Providers for 2024

  • Best overall
    Google Fiber
    • Speeds: 1,000–8,000Mbps
    • Prices: $70.00–$150.00/mo.*
    • Fastest tested speeds
    • Very limited availability
  • Verizon Fios
    • Speeds: 300–2,300Mbps
    • Prices: $49.99–$94.99/mo.
    • Lots of deals
    • No multi-gig plan outside NY
  • AT&T
    • Speeds: 25–5,000Mbps
    • Prices: $55.00–$250.00/mo.
    • Best availability
    • High prices for multi-gig plans
  • CenturyLink
    • Speeds: 200–940Mbps
    • Prices: $30.00–$75.00/mo.§
    • Cheapest baseline plan
    • Limited nationwide availability
  • Frontier
    • Speeds: 500–5,000Mbps
    • Prices: $44.99–$129.99
    • Great YouTube TV bundle
    • Iffy customer satisfaction results

They don’t call it “fantastic fiber” for nothing. Fiber internet is the fastest and most reliable type of home internet connection you can get. With multi-gigabit speeds and symmetrical bandwidth for both downloads and uploads, a fiber internet plan is the ideal setup for heavy-duty streaming, online gaming, video calling, livestreams, and VR.

But which fiber internet providers are the best of the best? We’ll give you the full rundown in this guide. Read on for a breakdown of the best deals, the best speeds, and more.

Need fiber internet?

Search your zip code below to see what internet options you can find in your area. Perhaps there’s a fresh fiber plan in your future.

What is the best fiber internet provider?

Google Fiber is the best fiber internet provider around. The tech behemoth truly offers a boutique user experience with this internet service, allowing you to tap into gigabit (or even multi-gig) speeds at an affordable price.

Your plan costs a flat monthly fee, so no need to worry about price hikes or hidden charges for installation or equipment. Google consistently gets high marks in our annual customer satisfaction survey, and citizens rejoice whenever Google Fiber arrives on their block.

Best fiber internet plans

PlansSpeedPriceView plans
Google Fiber 1 Gig1,000Mbps$70.00/mo.*View Plans
Verizon Fios Gigabit ConnectionUp to 940Mbps$89.99/mo.
AT&T Fiber Internet 300300Mbps$55.00/mo.View Plans
CenturyLink Fiber Internet 200Mbps200Mbps$30.00/mo.§
Frontier Fiber 1 GigUp to 1,000Mbps$69.99/mo.View Plans

What to look for in a fiber internet plan

You should look for gigabit speeds, unlimited data, waivers on extra fees, and promotions to sweeten the pot when you’re a new customer. Of course, low prices are also a big plus, but the price you pay depends on what speeds you need.

  • Gigabit or multi-gig speed capabilities. Not everyone needs gigabit speeds—but they sure are helpful if you’re an influencer or power user. It’s also worth investing in gigabit speeds if you have a large family or a lot of roommates.
  • Unlimited data. If your home internet has no monthly data caps, it’s a winner. That means you can use the internet all you want without facing throttled speeds or overage charges.
  • Affordable pricing. Most fiber providers offer a lower internet speed with cheaper pricing, which is the ideal way to go for most people. You still get solid speeds, you’re just paying a lot less.
  • No fees for installation or equipment. Look for a fiber provider that gives you a break on fees for things like professional installation or a router rental. You’re already paying a premium for fiber service, so you shouldn’t have to pay for this stuff too.
  • Promotional offers. It never hurts to get a VISA gift card or streaming subscription when you’re a new fiber customer. Consult our Best Internet Deals page when you’re shopping around.

Test your internet speed to know your internet firepower

Is your current internet plan feeling slow as snails? Run our speed test to see how much internet bandwidth you’re getting—maybe it’s time for an upgrade!

Fiber internet gets the fastest speeds out of any connection type, so it’s a great option to pick if you’re looking for some serious Wi-Fi firepower.

Google Fiber

Best overall

Speeds: 1,000–8,000Mbps

Price: $70.00–$150.00/mo.*



Fastest tested speeds

Multi-gig options

Very limited availability


Google Fiber is simply the best fiber option you could get. Available in 13 cities across the U.S. (with more cities set to go online), Google’s fiber-optic service consistently gets the fastest internet speeds in our Fastest Internet Providers report, and it ranks high in our customer satisfaction survey too.

As a plus, Google Fiber is not too expensive—plans come at a fixed monthly price, with no promo-price shenanigans or annual price hikes. You don’t have to pay for installation or equipment, and you can cancel any time without paying a fee. If only it were available nationwide!

Verizon Fios

Best deals

Speeds: 300–2,300Mbps

Prices: $49.99–$94.99/mo.



Lowest tested latency

Affordable prices

No multi-gig option outside of NY


Verizon comes in a close second behind Google Fiber. Like the Googs, this provider’s fast Fios plans, reliable connections, and straightforward pricing structures lead to regular high rankings in our Fastest Internet Provider report and customer satisfaction survey.

Of course, you get symmetrical upload and download speeds on a Verizon Fios plan. Also, you don’t have to worry about data caps or extra fees, and new customers often get hooked up with promotions—including Verizon Gift Cards and trial-subscriptions to streaming services.

Again, the only drawback is availability: Verizon Fios is mostly limited to the East Coast, and the provider’s sole multi-gig plan has a limited reach.


Best availability

Speeds: 300–5,000Mbps

Price: $55.00–$250.00/mo.



Best nationwide availability

Regular promos for new customers

High prices for multi-gig packages


AT&T has put in a lot of work since 2020 to expand its nationwide fiber networks, making its well-priced fiber-optic plans more widely available for American netizens. The provider also offers a lot of variety, with fast internet speeds ranging from a respectable 300Mbps all the way up to an eye-popping 5Gbps.

As is the case with most fiber plans, you get unlimited data and you don’t have to sweat annual contracts. Moreover, you can usually snag a decent promotion when you sign up—including a VISA gift card worth $100 or $150 (depending on the plan) and a monthly $20 discount when you bundle AT&T Fiber with a qualifying phone plan.


Best starting price

Speeds: 200–940Mbps

Price: $30.00–$75.00/mo.§



Cheapest baseline plan

Router and installation included on gigabit plan

Limited nationwide availability


There are certainly fiber providers with faster internet speeds, but CenturyLink wins the award for best price. Normally you should expect to pay about $50 to $60 a month for a baseline fiber internet plan. By comparison, CenturyLink’s 200Mbps plan only costs $30 a month, making it a whopper of a bargain.

You get some great benefits from CenturyLink’s standard gigabit plan too, including unlimited data and a free router and installation. In general you can expect excellent speeds and a reliable connection when you’re linked up with this provider.

Pro tip: Find other cheap plan options

Looking to save money on home Wi-Fi? Check out our guide to the best cheap internet plans for a full breakdown of prices and savings.


Best bundle deal

Speeds: 500–5,000Mbps

Price: $44.99–$129.99



Great YouTube TV bundle

Multi-gig speeds

Below-average customer satisfaction results


Although some fiber internet providers offer great bundle deals with cellular phone plans, you aren’t as likely to get a banging TV bundle deal—simply because fiber providers have limited capabilities to offer you TV. However, you can often get a sweet deal from Frontier if you add on YouTube TV. The provider started out early 2023 by offering a $10 monthly discount on a YouTube TV plan, and other limited-time-only offers have been popping up in recent weeks.

Frontier fiber plans get you unlimited data and extremely fast speeds—the top plan rockets all the way up to max downloads and uploads of 5Gbps. The prices are great too, with the 500Mbps package costing just $44.99 a month, about $10 less per month than most other providers’ baseline plans.

Best Fiber Internet Options in the United States FAQ

Is fiber internet the most reliable?

Yes, fiber internet is the most reliable type of internet connection you can get. It’s capable of hitting multi-gigabit speeds and runs over highly efficient fiber-optic cabling, which can handle massive data transfers and isn’t susceptible to electromagnetic interference.

Does Spectrum Internet use fiber optics?

Spectrum Internet uses fiber-optic cabling mostly in its backend network, and in limited service areas it offers fiber internet to the home. This approach is usually referred to as a hybrid fiber-coaxial network. However, Spectrum is mostly a cable internet provider.


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