Internet Providers in Kuna, ID

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1. CenturyLink
DSL 98% Availability in Kuna

Available Speeds in

Mbps download
10 Mbps upload

2. Hughesnet
Satellite 99% Availability in Kuna

Available Speeds in

Mbps download
3 Mbps upload

3. Cable One
Cable 99% Availability in Kuna

Available Speeds in

Mbps download
2 Mbps upload


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Internet Provider types in Kuna

  • DSL - 98% Coverage
  • Cable - 99% Coverage

Internet Provider availability in Kuna, ID

100% Availability in Kuna

100% Availability in Kuna

99% Availability in Kuna

Broadband Internet availability

Kuna 99%

Idaho 79%

Maximum Internet speed in Kuna

Providers offering maximum speeds:

  • Cable One

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Customer Reviews of Internet Providers in Kuna

I have been with Centurylink since they were Qwest. Hardly had issues with Qwest . Ive had nothing but issues with centurylink. For several years I was paying for high speed internet when it wasn't even available in my neighborhood. When I would call and complain about slow speed they would "help" me in tech support but not really. our neighborhood didn't know we didn't have high speed until one day centurylink came thru doing major work and we asked the work crews what they were doing and they told us we are installing high speed capabilities......I can go on with the issues Ive had but you get my point.....however there are only two choices of providers......

Cheryl WiseKuna , ID2015-05-15

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