Author: Ben Kerns

Cities With Free Wi-Fi

Having free Wi-Fi access is certainly a great luxury, whether you’re a telecommuter or you need to get online while on vacation. To enjoy this, you usually have to head to the local library or coffee shop. But some major cities throughout the nation want to make city-sponsored Wi-Fi access more widespread. In fact, the six cities below are leading the charge in doing exactly that. Chattanooga Chattanooga already has one of the fastest, publically owned Internet services at 1GB, now they’re ahead of the game again in terms of free public access. NOOGANET, as it’s known, is available...

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Satellite Internet Provider OneWeb Raises $500 Million for Global Internet Access

Satellite Internet provider OneWeb has earned $500 million in fundraising to back its efforts to bring global online access to the world. If accomplished, widely available high-speed Internet could be used to bring information into classrooms in developing nations, help detect when a disaster occurs and provide critical information to first responders, and be used in homes, hospitals, and businesses worldwide. What is OneWeb? OneWeb is a startup satellite Internet company aiming to spread affordable Internet access across the globe to expand education levels, emergency relief efforts, creativity, and equality worldwide. Founder Greg Wyler intends to use 648 satellites...

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The Best Age to Start Using the Internet

Children are getting online as early as age 3, despite growing concerns about the effects of cyber bullying on kids. They also view mature content and spend twice as long online as their parents realize, meaning you might not be monitoring your children’s online habits as much as you should. Depending on their age and maturity, it might be wise to keep track of your children’s Internet habits and consider delaying access to the online world. Kids Are No Longer Sheltered A study by the security firm Bullguard found children are maturing at faster rates than ever before —...

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The Internet is Running Out of IP Addresses

The Internet is running out of IP addresses. The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) doled out its last batch of large packages of addresses early in July. While this doesn’t spell the end of the Internet, it is the end of the Internet as we’ve known it. Now, a new system will need to be implemented to keep the Web up and running. What are IP addresses? IP addresses are essentially Internet ID tags. They are the string of numbers that designate the location from which a connection originates. You’ll find these numbers on routers, in your browser’s...

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Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Releases Annual report on Online Company Privacy Ratings

A recent report found 65 percent of American adults don’t know that a “privacy policy” on a website doesn’t prohibit the site from sharing user’s personal browsing information. Each policy varies by the site itself, but you probably don’t read those anyway. To help you have an understanding of trustworthy sites, The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) released their annual report on privacy ratings among some online companies. The Categories The EFF spent five years analyzing some of the most popular tech companies in several categories to determine how they protect user privacy. The companies range from social media powerhouses,...

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