Author: Eliott Smith

Internet Providers in the Salt Lake Valley

Image of Salt Lake City by Garrett (CC By 2.0)  Top Internet Providers Four major internet service providers (ISPs) offer high-speed internet service to homes in the Salt Lake valley: CenturyLink, XFINITY (by Comcast), Utopia, and Google Fiber. CenturyLink areas partner with DIRECTV. Enter your ZIP code below to see which providers offer service to your home. See Your Providers There’s not a lot of ISP diversity in Salt Lake City — or in Utah as a whole — but many residents are lucky enough to live in a current or future fiber area. CenturyLink, Utopia, and Google Fiber each cover small but expanding...

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Free Wi-Fi to come to New York City through Rat Population

New York City to Spread Wi-Fi with Rat-Carried Mobile Hotspots In an effort to amplify the reach of free Wi-Fi, New York City officials have unveiled an unorthodox new plan—strapping tiny Wi-Fi boosters to the city’s rats. While it may seem outlandish, the plan has gained serious traction after several successful small-scale test runs. Manhattan residents reported “noticeably faster speeds” in parks and public places after the rats were released in their neighborhoods, with download speeds peaking the night before garbage collection days. “I think it’s a genius idea,” said 28-year-old Harlem resident Linda Chen, one of many satisfied...

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Celebrity Hacking: How It Happens and What You Need to Know

We’re all familiar with the recent data hacking scandal that affected a range of celebrities, from A-listers to up-and-comers. While this happens frequently, in this instance, the hackers targeted something far more damaging and lucrative than credit card details and bank codes: private pictures and videos, most of which included nude images. Although the full extent of the scandal will probably never be known, the evidence we do see has done enough reputational damage to many celebrities to last them a lifetime. Other potentially incriminating and financially valuable information will be traded over the black market on the deep...

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Don’t Shoot the Messenger: Facebook’s New App Permissions

Facebook is forcing mobile device users to download its separate messaging app, Facebook Messenger, if they want to chat with friends using the social network. This caused a lot of controversy, not only because of the change, but because of the extensive list of privacy permissions, which many people claim is Facebook overstepping its boundaries. The controversy started when a “Huffington Post” article made claims that the app gave the social network “direct control over your mobile device” but this myth was soon debunked. The app, in fact, isn’t really any more invasive than any of the others you...

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Why You Should Be Working from the Library

Whether you have a home office or you take your work home with you, you may not always find your desk, kitchen table, or living room couch to be an optimal working environment. From distractions to finicky Internet connections, disruptions at home may drive you to find solace in a different working area. Here are a few reasons why I believe working away from home can be the best situation. Avoid Distractions at Home When I have a sink full of dishes and stacks of laundry pouring out of the dryer, these chores often distract me from work. When...

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