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The Best Internet Providers in the San Fernando Valley

Find the best internet providers across the San Fernando Valley

The San Fernando Valley covers a huge swath of Los Angeles and many of LA County’s most iconic suburban cities. But this area is pretty straightforward when it comes to internet, with Spectrum’s fast cable plans available pretty much everywhere, Frontier’s fiber-optic service accessible in select areas, and rising countywide access to budget-friendly 5G internet.

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Here’s where you can find internet in the San Fernando Valley

Want to see what you can find in your area? See our guides below for the rundown on Wi-Fi options in specific cities that make up this corner of Los Angeles County.

What internet providers operate in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County?

Cable provider Spectrum dominates across the San Fernando Valley, offering gigabit speeds and affordable prices from Glendale to Calabasas. Although some excellent fiber internet options are available in scattered parts of the Valley, Spectrum is your best bet if you’re looking for a robust internet plan. The provider also does the customer right with unlimited data and no contracts.

Verizon 5G Home Internet and T-Mobile 5G Home Internet are available across much of the Valley as well. With solid speeds and excellent customer satisfaction ratings, either one of these providers make for a solid pick. They’re especially worthwhile if you’re a student or live in a small household, since you can get a low-priced plan with no extra fees for installation or equipment.

Frontier has a smaller footprint in the Valley, but you can find its multigigabit fiber service—the fastest and most reliable type of internet you can get—in northwest neighborhoods and cities including Northridge, Pacoima, and San Fernando. AT&T and EarthLink also provide internet in the Valley, but it’s mostly sluggish DSL, which may not be the best pick unless you live in a remote area.

What are the best internet plans in the San Fernando Valley?

PlanPriceSpeedOrder online
Spectrum Internet®$49.99/mo.*Up to 300MbpsShop Plans
Frontier Fiber 1 Gig$59.99/mo.1,000MbpsShop Plans
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Unlimited$50.00/mo.72–245MbpsShop Plans
AT&T Internet 300$65.00/mo.§Up to 300MbpsShop Plans
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Plus$70.00/mo.72–245MbpsShop Plans

What is the best internet provider in the San Fernando Valley?

Spectrum is our pick for the best internet service provider in the San Fernando Valley. It’s the most widely available provider across the region and gets you the fastest plans for an affordable price. Spectrum Wi-Fi comes with unlimited data and doesn’t require a contract to sign up, and prices start at $49.99 a month.

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What is the cheapest internet provider in the San Fernando Valley?

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet and Verizon 5G Home Internet are the cheapest internet providers in the San Fernando Valley. Both have 5G-based fixed wireless internet plans that cost just $50 a month.

You don’t have to sign an annual contract, you don’t have data caps, and—unlike most of the other providers in the Valley—you don’t have to pay extra for installation or equipment. Also, Verizon customers who have qualifying phone plans can get their 5G Home internet plan for 50% off.

See T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Plans

Fiber internet providers in the northwest San Fernando Valley

Fiber internet is the fastest kind of internet you can get—but it’s hard to come by in the Valley. The main fiber provider in the Valley is Frontier, which you can get in northwestern areas near the city of San Fernando.

See Frontier Plans

Where you can get fiber from Frontier:

  • Arleta
  • Granada Hills
  • Hansen Hills
  • Kagel Canyon
  • Lake View Terrace
  • Mission Hills
  • North Hills
  • Northridge
  • Pacoima
  • Panorama City
  • San Fernando
  • Sylmar

AT&T and EarthLink also have a large presence in the San Fernando Valley, but they mostly offer DSL internet.

If you want fast speeds in the San Fernando Valley, you most likely have to stick with Spectrum’s cable internet.

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How fast is the internet in the San Fernando Valley?

Internet is pretty fast in the San Fernando Valley. In most neighborhoods and cities, you can find cable internet packages with top download speeds ranging from 300 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps. A download speed of 300 Mbps is solid for a small- to mid-sized household, while 1,000 Mbps download speeds give you enough bandwidth to support a large number of Wi-Fi users as they stream, game, and make Zoom calls on multiple devices.

You can find speeds even faster than 1,000 Mbps in some parts of the Valley. Specifically, in areas with access to Frontier internet, you may be able to find Frontier’s Fiber 2 Gig plan, which tops out at an impressive 2,000 Mbps. But you really don’t need internet that fast—it’s like having a Formula One race car in your garage when an Audi sedan would do.

Pro tip:

Use our “How Much Internet Speed Do I Need?” tool to get a quick look at what internet speed is best for you. Although fast speeds are impressive, you may be able to settle for a slower package and save money.

Can you get symmetrical internet in the San Fernando Valley?

Yes, you can get symmetrical internet in the San Fernando Valley—but only in certain areas. You need fiber internet to get symmetrical speeds. Frontier is the main fiber internet provider in the Valley, and it has fiber plans in northwest cities and neighborhoods including Northridge, Arleta, Hansen Hills, Pacoima, and San Fernando.

FAQ about internet in the San Fernando Valley

What are the best internet providers in the San Fernando area?

What is the cheapest internet provider in the San Fernando area?

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