Author: Joseph Mayton

Europe Continues to Challenge Google on Privacy

The Netherland’s data protection agency said Google is facing a massive fine of up to 15 million euros ($18.5 million) if the search giant fails to end what the agency argues is a violation of Internet users’ privacy. The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) says Google is failing to uphold basic European tenets of privacy for citizens through browsing history and location information that targets users with customized ads. The Battle for Privacy Europe, unlike the United States, pushed forward with efforts to stem the growing power of the search giant this year. The DPA gave the company through...

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Are We Really Ready for Wearable Tech?

From Google Glass to Apple Health, wearable technology jumped into the mainstream this past year. The new market made great strides, but a majority of potential users wonders whether we are ready for this latest tech craze. Google and its $1,500 Glass believes it is; and so do Apple, LG, Samsung and the myriad others who rolled out their newest gadgets over the past year. The End of the Smartphone Despite the fanfare that accompanied the launch of Apple’s iPhone 6 this fall, overall sales of smartphone devices, while continuing to grow, appear to be leveling off. This result...

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Why Are America’s Mobile Data Plans So Expensive?

The United States is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet for Americans, using mobile data plans has become a drain on their wallets. The U.S. has some of the most expensive data plans in the world. For the “global power” of today, it is appalling that cities in this country have slower speeds at higher rates than European and East Asian nations. By the Numbers Americans are paying much higher rates than Europeans for similar plans. We languish near the bottom of global mobile Internet speeds and rates. For a 500 MB mobile data plan in...

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How the Internet Changed Social Activism

Few discount the Internet’s role in changing traditional roles, both public and private. Activism has also transformed in recent years, as the Arab Spring and its social media “revolution” rekindled the art of protest. From to, the Internet became an outlet for those who want to speak out. Many consider the January 2011 Egyptian protests to be the beginning of the social media revolution. A few of the protestors came to Tahrir Square after hearing about the event from friends, but many came because they heard about it through social media. While the rest of the world...

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Changing the White Male Face of the Tech Industry

On San Francisco’s Valencia Street, in the early morning, a group of people stand near a public bus stop. They aren’t waiting for public transport; they’re waiting for their hi-tech ride with tinted windows and Wi-Fi to take them to Google headquarters in Mountain View. Most striking about this group is the fact that the dozen people braving the chilly morning are all men. White men. Over the past few months, campaigners pressured the largest tech companies, from Google and Facebook to Apple and Twitter, to release their diversity data for public knowledge. It became a major talking point...

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