How can you make phone calls on the internet?


Making free online telephone calls via high-speed Internet has become an industry standard, and there are a variety of services and apps available today to help you connect with your faraway loved ones using a standard, web-enabled mobile device.



Skype is one of the most well-known programs that enables people to make phone calls online. The software allows its users to make calls over their PC or web-enabled device to mobile and landline phone numbers. Rates vary by country, but you can pay as you go for as little as one cent a minute or $2.99 a month in the U.S. As long as you’ve got high-speed Internet access and can download the app or program through their website, you’re good to go.


Google Voice

Google Voice claims to be the best solution for making phone calls online for free. It requires a Google account, which is easy to sign up for online. From there, users can make phone calls PC to PC or by allowing the service to connect through your phone. The service uses your personal phone number to connect and limits calls to three hours.

To make calls through a PC rather than a personal phone line, users must download the Google Voice and Video Chat Plugin. It uses the microphone on your computer or laptop to transmit your voice, so before you commit to this service, make sure you have that key accessory installed.



magicJack allows users to make app to app phone calls over a smartphone or tablet without using minutes from their plan. In addition, it’s a great way make online calls for free to a landline or cellular device, even if the recipient isn’t using the app. magicJack also lets users receive incoming calls to the app. It even includes voicemail, caller ID, and call forwarding.

The app currently offers international calling for a prepaid price.



Viber is another alternative for users wanting to make calls from either their PC or mobile device. It works with Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems along with iOS, Android, Nokia, and Blackberry devices. The downside is the app only works with other Viber users. However, it automatically syncs with your contact list so you don’t have to transfer numbers over to the app.

Calling, text messages, and photo messages are free, but calls do use your data plan.


Facebook Messenger

Although primarily a messaging app, Facebook Messenger also works as a way to make calls and send texts between devices. It works automatically with smartphones and tablets, once the free app is downloaded. Users are required to add a plugin to make calls from PC to PC. The service also includes free video calling between friends and family.

The app works anywhere in the world that Internet is available and allows you to record voice messages when people are away.


Which one should I choose? 

As you can see, there are plenty of options available to make phone calls online—these are just a few of the best. Apps like Tango, WeChat, and WhatsApp are also popular alternatives. Chat with your phone provider and assess your needs and habits to discover which service is best for you.

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