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Find and compare 1,200 Internet Providers Nationwide has built an extensive database of wired Internet service providers across the United States. Along with select satellite Internet service providers. You'll see all of the ISP options, from big Internet providers like AT&T and Comcast, to smaller local service providers near you.

Internet Provider Ratings and Reviews

In addition to speed and availability in your zip code, HSI has customer supplied provider ratings, expert reviews of large providers, and more. Our goal is to provide all of the information you need to search and compare Internet options in your area. Start here with a full list of Internet providers, then search our database using your zip code to see which providers are available to you.

List of Internet Providers

Provider User Rating Max Download Speed
Verizon N/A Up to 940 Mbps View Plans for Verizon
AT&T 3.0/5 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
View Plans for AT&T
Spectrum 3.0/5 100 Mbps View Plans for Spectrum
Xfinity 2.5/5 2,000 Mbps
(2 Gbps)
View Plans for Xfinity
WOW! 2.5/5 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
View Plans for WOW!
Optimum 2.5/5 400 Mbps View Plans for Optimum
CenturyLink 2.5/5 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
View Plans for CenturyLink
Mediacom 2.5/5 100 Mbps View Plans for Mediacom
Atlantic Broadband 2.5/5 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
View Plans for Atlantic Broadband
Cox Communications 3.0/5 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
View Plans for Cox Communications
Frontier 2.5/5 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
View Plans for Frontier
Megapath N/A 3 Mbps View Plans for Megapath
iserv N/A 6 Mbps View Plans for iserv N/A 100 Mbps View Plans for
Integra Telecom 2.0/5 30 Mbps View Plans for Integra Telecom
Suddenlink Communications 2.5/5 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
View Plans for Suddenlink Communications

Zip Code Quick Facts

The average zip code has maximum speeds between 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps.

  • 88% of zip codes have access to 2 or more wired providers, 56% have access to 3 or more, 19% have access to 4 or more, and only 5% of zip codes have access to 5 or more wired providers.
  • 57% of zip codes have at least one provider with speeds in this range.
  • 85% of the country has access to broadband Internet, which the FCC defines as 25 Mbps or faster.

Types of Internet Providers Nationwide

get DSL
get Fiber
get Cable
get Satellite

Internet service provider availability varies by city, zip code, and even by street. DSL service is the most accessible across the country. Cable Internet is a close second, but is not as available in rural areas. Fiber Internet availability is even more limited, but has seen recent growth and expansion. Select a specific type of service to see which providers are in this category, or go ahead and search by zip code to see the providers you have access to.

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