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Over 7,000,000 people use our free tool every year to search 1,600+ internet providers across the US.

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Learn about the fastest providers in your area with our fastest internet providers report.

Looking for high-speed internet? We’re here to help.

Compare providers

Our comprehensive database of internet providers shows you the best internet options available in your zip code. Need help choosing? Our staff of internet experts has done the hard work of researching and reviewing providers so you can make an easy decision.

Understand your options

Fiber, cable, DSL, satellite… There are so many types of internet to choose from. Our team of internet experts can help you understand your options so you know what kind of internet to choose for your life—and what to avoid.

Speed up your internet

Get the speed you need to keep your life running smoothly. Whether you need to upgrade your connection or tips on how to speed up the internet you already have, we have you covered.

Troubleshoot problems

Experiencing spotty Wi-Fi or frustrating slowdowns with your internet connection? We can help you figure out what’s holding you back​​—and how to get the best performance out of your internet.

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