Internet Providers in Memphis, TN

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Cable   98% Availability in Memphis

Available Speeds in

Mbps download
10 Mbps upload

2. AT&T
Fiber  in Memphis

Available Speeds in

Gbps download

3. AT&T
DSL   99% Availability in Memphis

Available Speeds in

Mbps download
6 Mbps upload

4. Hughesnet
Satellite   99% Availability in Memphis

Available Speeds in

Mbps download


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Provider types in Memphis

  • DSL - 99% Coverage
  • Cable - 98% Coverage

Internet availability in Memphis

99% Availability in Memphis

98% Availability in Memphis

98% Availability in Memphis

Broadband availability

Memphis 98%

Tennessee 83%

Maximum speed in Memphis

Providers offering maximum speeds:

  • AT&T

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Customer Reviews of Internet Providers in Memphis

Ah, Comcast. Everyone slams them, and for good reason... but I'm sure most people have heard all the complaining before, so I'll spare you having to hear it all again. As for my internet, speed is not an issue- When it works. I would have given it another star, but hey, when it cuts completely out, as it does several times a day, the speed is precisely zero. It is almost always less than a minute, but it will drive you crazy when it happens. My brother next door has the same issue, as do other family and friends I know. Combine that with deceptive pricing, and hard sell tactics when dealing with their customer service, and it does not add up to satisfaction. Because they have no real competition(U-Verse? Ha!), they apparently don't really care what I think. Some actual competition would be really, really nice. Alas.

Clay CassinMemphis , TN2015-08-30

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I am being charged double the promised monthly rate, plus an additional monthly modem "rental"- But I own my modem that I purchased myself. I returned the Comcast one(which was provided to me badly used, no packaging, and with an incorrect power block) to their store in person over ten months ago. Their website did not even have it on their accepted modems list, which mine specifically is. Customer service is infuriating. Not only have they not ever straightened out the pricing and illegal rental charge after promising to do so, they constantly pitch "up sell" tactics the whole time I try to deal with them. At the price I am being charged, I would certainly expect much better speed. What's really aggravating is that Memphis has no other option than the woefully slow AT&T "U-Verse", at the same price... err, I mean the price I was PROMISED by Comcast. Unless you want to pay even more for inferior satellite service, of course. No, ladies and gentlemen, Memphis is not a good situation for residential internet, I'm afraid. Hopefully it gets better soon. Very soon.

Clay CassinMemphis , TN2015-05-05

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AT&T Customer

Slow speed, unreliable, crappy customer service, at least it doesn't cost much! But they keep raising the price, soon there will be no reason to go with them other than the fact that you don't want Comcast!!

Lance SilkesMemphis , TN2014-11-29

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AT&T Customer

At&T is OK I guess. Pricing could be better. I have never been happy with the speed, seems to be slow often. I have not used their service much but seems ok.

Howard BowlingMemphis , TN2014-03-18

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