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Spectrum Internet service gives you a lot of speed for what you pay. The first-year price is low and the service delivers great value, even after the price increase at the end of the promotional period.

Why choose Spectrum?

Spectrum Internet is worth trying for at least the first year, especially if you can find a promo to help lower the installation charges.

HSI Rating


Our HSI ratings are an aggregate score assigned by our internet professionals. They include the following factors:

  • HSI's 2018 Consumer Survey
  • Government Data on ISP Speed and Reliability
  • Insights from Industry Insiders
  • On-Site Customer Feedback
  • Analysis of Patterns in the HSI Database
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HSI's Assessment of Spectrum


Spectrum Internet Speeds

Spectrum Internet offers service starting at 100 Mbps. This is plenty of download speed for HD streaming and online multiplayer games. If you have a large household with five or more people streaming, you might need more speed than this. But since Spectrum Internet comes with no data caps, you can stream, play, and surf all you want.

Upload speeds from Spectrum will vary but can be as high as 20 Mbps in some areas. This should be enough for you since most online activities don’t require more than 5 Mbps anyway.


Spectrum Internet Prices

With packages starting at $44.99 per month, Spectrum Internet is a good deal for the speed you’ll get. After the first year of service, the price will increase. The increase amount depends on pricing in your area.

You can get more for your money if you bundle your Spectrum Internet service with Spectrum TV or Spectrum Voice. Triple Play bundles start at $89.97 per month, saving you about $180.00 on your internet service over the course of the first year. If you’re planning to have TV and phone service anyway, bundling is the smartest way to go.

Customer Satisfaction

Spectrum customers are satisfied with their service overall, especially with its installation and setup.

In HSI’s 2018 Consumer Survey, Spectrum Internet scored 3.84 out of 5 for overall customer satisfaction. That score ranked Spectrum in the middle of major ISPs. Spectrum got its highest marks in the installation and setup category, where it scored 4.05 out of 5. It ranked third among ISPs in that category.

Customers gave Spectrum the lowest score in the monthly bill category—just 3.47 out of 5. Even though this is Spectrum’s lowest score, it’s still above average and good enough to rank Spectrum fourth among major internet providers for this category.

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