"I am very satisfied with the reliability/accessibility of RCN..."

Hank Lawrence | Bethlehem, PA
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Lo bueno

RCN Internet is fast, stable, and affordable, even after promotional rates expire.

El malo

Many RCN customers report surprise charges and customer service reps with bad attitudes.

Revisión rápida de HSI

RCN Internet is a great service for a great spice. It’s fast and reliable. However, you should be aware of any charges that may be hidden in the fine print of your service agreement. You also shouldn’t expect a pleasant experience if you need to call customer support.

Calificación de HSI


Las calificaciones de HSI son una puntuación agregada asignada por nuestros profesionales de internet. Se incluyen muchos factores, entre ellos:

  • Encuesta al Consumidor 2018 de HSI
  • Datos del gobierno sobre la velocidad y confiabilidad de los proveedores de internet
  • Perspectiva de los conocedores de la industria
  • Retroalimentación del cliente en el sitio
  • Análisis de patrones en la base de datos de HSI
  • Retroalimentación de nuestros socios

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Evaluación de HSI de RCN


Velocidades de Internet RCN

The four speed tiers available from RCN Internet range from 10 Mbps to 110 Mbps. These speeds are comparable to other cable providers. n a 2015 HSI Independent Customer Satisfaction Survey, RCN received a 9.5 out of 10 in the speed category. That score is higher than expected considering the speeds RCN advertises aren’t significantly faster than other providers. The high score could indicate that RCN customers are very satisfied with their speed because they are receiving the speeds advertised. Another indicator of the reliability of RCN Internet is that it was voted #1 in speed and reliability by PC Magazine. The upload speeds from RCN Internet are pretty good as well. They range from 2 Mbps up to 15 Mbps depending on the package you order. RCN offers good Internet speeds for almost any type of Internet use and all indications are that RCN delivers on those speed offerings.


Precios de Internet de RCN

Introductory prices for RCN start around $20 per month and go up to about $50 per month, depending on the package. On all three package tiers, the price will increase by about $10 per month after the first year and will increase by about another $10 after the second year. Even after both price increases, RCN Internet is a good value. It delivers speeds as fast, if not faster, than other providers at similar price points. These low prices clearly explain why RCN scored 9 out of 10 for customer satisfaction in the value category. Customers can expect to pay about $50 for installation and $25 for act5ivation. Those are higher than most other Internet companies, but the monthly savings help offset the upfront costs. Some promotional offers will waive the installation fee. RCN also charges about $5 per month to rent a modem. Considering the speeds you can get from RCN, the prices are some of the best you can find. RCN Internet is a great value.

Satisfacción del consumidor

With such great speed and value scores, RCN getting just a 5 out of 10 for overall customer satisfaction is surprising. After researching RCN customer reviews, the reason for the low score became apparent. RCN could use a lot of work on its customer service. Many customers complained about surprise charges showing up on their bills. It was unclear if the charges were erroneous or if the customers just didn’t read the fine print. Regardless of how the confusion about the charges happened, most cases resulted in customers calling RCN for customer support. Almost across the board, among those who complained about surprise charges, customers reported poor attitudes by customer service agents. While poor customer service seems to plague the cable and Internet industry, the volume of complains with such similar specifics suggest that the customer service at RCN needs some attention. RCN delivers a great product at a great price. If you’re lucky enough to not need customer support, you’ll probably love it. Unfortunately, those who may need customer support could find RCN to be lacking in that department.

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