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Your best chance of finding Telephone and Data Systems service is in New Mexico, their largest coverage area. You can also find Telephone and Data Systems in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Utah, and many others. It is a DSL provider, which means they deliver service through your traditional phone lines. Internet service enters the house through a common phone outlet, which is connected to a DSL modem. From here you can connect your wifi router or use an Ethernet cable.

Telephone and Data Systems, more commonly known as TDS, is one of the largest ISPs in the United States, currently providing over 1.2 million connections throughout the country. Their service area spans urban, suburban, and rural areas. The company is located in Madison, Wisconsin, and provides both residential and business services. Services are available in locations throughout Georgia, Indiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. Business solutions are very flexible, with packages that suit small businesses with a few employees and huge corporations that employ thousands. You can get Internet or phone service individually or create a bundled deal for additional savings. TDS also offers managed services, protecting the stability and speed of your Internet and phone connections. Phone services include those tailored to high call volumes, a simple essential plan, PRI service, and VoIP solutions. Business Internet plans include Internet security, dedicated Internet service, and an Ethernet interface. TDS television packages come with a range of channels; in total, TDS has over 190 available television channels. It’s easy to add additional premium and movie channels to a main package. TDS TV utilizes IPTV technology for the best possible picture and sound. Over 100 channels are available in HD. Compared to many other ISPs, TDS has some of the highest home Internet speeds available. However, they also provide lower speed options for those on a budget or who do not use their Internet often. The lowest priced packages are 1 Mbps, 5 Mbps, and 15 Mbps. The fastest packages include 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps, and 1 Gbps. The two fastest packages come with unlimited Remote PC support. However, the faster packages are only available with a TV bundle, which may be inconvenient if you need a lot of bandwidth but don’t want cable service. Consider TDS if you need high-speed Internet or HD channels!

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