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Breezeline Pricing and Deals

Top Breezeline internet plans

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Breezeline internet plans

PackageStarting price (for first 6 mos.)Regular priceDownload speedUpload speedView on Breezeline site
Base Internet$19.99/mo.$65.59/mo.100 Mbps10 MbpsShop Plans
Unlimited Fast Internet$39.99/mo.$87.19/mo.200 Mbps20 MbpsShop Plans
Unlimited UltraFast Internet$39.99/mo.$108.79/mo.500 Mbps50 MbpsShop Plans
Unlimited GigaFast Internet$59.99/mo.$130.39/mo.1,000 Mbps50 MbpsShop Plans

Breezeline internet and TV bundles

Best overall

Unlimited Fast Internet + TV + Variety+

Channels: 98

Speed: 200 Mbps

Price: Contact Breezeline for quote

Best channel selection

Unlimited Fast Internet + TV + Variety+ and Family+

Channels: 138

Speed: 200 Mbps

Price: Contact Breezeline for quote

Best for basic TV

Base Internet + TV

Channels: 35+

Speed: 100 Mbps

Price: $49.97/mo. (for first 6 mos.)

About Breezeline

Formerly known as Atlantic Broadband, Breezeline is a cable internet and TV provider based out of Massachusetts. It offers fast speeds with no data caps and no annual contracts in 12 states across the East Coast, South, and Midwest, including New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio.

Breezeline gives you low promotional rates up front and offers bundle deals on internet with a variety of TV and streaming packages. But watch out for price hikes and high rates—once your promo rates expire after six months, you may end up with a higher bill than you expected. Since there are no contracts, you can potentially switch off Breezeline after the promo period if there are other internet providers in your area.

Why choose Breezeline for internet service?

Breezeline’s prices can get a bit high, but it offers speedy cable Wi-Fi with no data caps and no annual contracts. It’s a solid pick if you’re in an area with limited internet options and you need a solid cable and TV bundle.


  • No data caps or annual contracts
  • Fast download speeds


  • Steep price hikes after six months
  • Limited channel selection on some TV packages

FAQ about Breezeline internet

Did WOW! change to Breezeline?

Yes, some WOW! internet plans are now Breezeline internet plans. Breezeline acquired and took over WOW! operations in Ohio in April 2022. Customers who used to have internet plans through WOW! are now Breezeline customers, and all of their billing goes through Breezeline.

Is Breezeline Wi-Fi good?

Yes, Breezeline Wi-Fi is good. It gives you fast speeds with no data caps. However, Breezeline is more expensive than other major internet providers, so it might not be your best bet if you have other plan options in your area.

Who owns Breezeline?

Breezeline is owned by Cogeco Communications, a Canadian telecommunications company. Breezeline is based out of Quincy, Massachusetts, and serves 12 states, including New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio.