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"CenturyLink has been great. Great service, reception, and quality..."

Lisa Fairburn | Spokane, WA

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The worst internet an T.V provider I've yet to experience and I'm pushing 70! They are a bait and switch company. Got one price w/promise Loyalty Dept would take care of renewing discounts. That didn't happen! After the discounts price was to be one hundred thirty nine dollars bill is now one hundred sixty five. Awful.

Ann S Surprise, AZ 2015-07-11

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I have been fighting with this provider for many years and I think we have finally outgrown them. There internet is very slow and download speed is even slower. We are gamers and we need faster service. I have argued on the phone with this provider for hours before getting half the service I deserve. I'm in need of better service, faster service, better customer support! I called to ask about paying for better internet and they said better service is not available in my area. Really not at all?? This is bogus!! If I cannot get faster internet I need to find another provider who can provide me with better service.

Clarissa Sippola Port Charlotte, FL 2015-06-23

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