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"I like Charter because they have fast reliable service..."

Jeana Prockish | Silver Springs, NV
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Spectrum Internet™ service gives you a lot of speed for the price. The first-year price is great, and although the price does increase after the promotional period, it’s still a good value.

Why choose Spectrum?

Spectrum Internet delivers a good ratio of speed to price during the first year promotional period. It’s worth trying, especially if you can find a promotional deal to help lower the installation charges Charter Spectrum Internet is worth trying for at least the first year, especially if you can find a promo to help lower the installation charges.

HSI Rating


Speed 7.0

Value 6.8

Consumer Interest 3.0

Consumer Satisfaction 7.1

The HSI Ratings are an aggregate score assigned by our Internet professionals. It includes several factors, including:

  • HSI's 2015 Consumer Survey
  • Government Data on ISP Speed and Reliability
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  • On-site Customer Feedback
  • Analysis of Patterns in the HSI Database
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HSI's Assessment of Charter


Charter Internet speeds

Download up to

100 Mbps

Upload up to

4 Mbps

Charter Spectrum only offers one speed tier in each market in which it’s available. The top download speed in most areas is 60 Megabits per second (Mbps), however in a few locations it can be as high as 100 Mbps. The one-tier approach to Internet service differs greatly from other Internet service providers that generally offer several speed tiers in the same location. The 60 Mbps you get from Charter Spectrum is a lot of speed. It will be plenty for small to medium households with normal Internet usage like email, Facebook, or online shopping. People in large households, with five or six Internet activities happening at one time, may start to see slowing during peak usage times. f you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where Charter offers its 100 Mbps Internet, then you likely will have enough speed to handle your Internet needs, even in a large family. With 100 Mbps, you could have four people streaming HD video at the same time and a fifth playing video games online and you still won’t be maxing out your bandwidth. Upload speeds on Charter Spectrum can be as high as 4 Mbps. Most Internet activities don’t require a lot of upload speed, so 4 Mbps should be enough for most customers. If you plan to do a lot of video conferencing, online gaming, or uploading of large files you might want a little more upload speed, but the vast majority of customers will find the 4 Mbps they get from Charter Spectrum to be enough for their normal Internet usage.


Charter Internet Prices

Internet Packages starting at


Top-Tier packages starting at


Charter Spectrum Internet can be a great value. Prices start around $40 per month or $30 when you include it as part of a bundle. When you consider that those prices are for the 60 Mbps package, you’ll see that you get a lot for your money. After 12 months those prices will jump up by about $20. But, even after the price increase, the rates are still competitive with other ISP offering that much bandwidth. s with most Internet providers, Charter Spectrum also offers cable TV and home phone services. You can bundle these services together in different combinations with prices starting from about $50 per month up to about $130 per month. The prices vary depending on which services you include and/or the tier of TV package you select. These prices will also increase by about $20 after the first year. They will also increase again after the second year—double plays by about $5 and triple plays by about $20. Charter charges for installation of all services. The exact amount of the installation charge will vary depending on several factors, including which services are being set up, the area in which you live, and/or the difficulty of the installation. Some customers have seen install fees as high as $79, but most are in the $20-$35 range. Occasionally you may find promotional offers that will reimburse your installation fees. Customers who want a home network and don’t have their own router can expect to pay $5 per month to rent one from Charter, plus a one-time activation fee of about $40. While Charter Spectrum Internet service is affordable, setup charges can make the upfront cost pretty steep. Consumers should look for promotions with discounts on install fees to get the best deal.

Customer Satisfaction

Charter scored average marks for overall customer satisfaction in an HSI 2015 independent survey. In fact, it got average scores in all categories except two. It scored above average in customer satisfaction for speed. We addressed the benefits of Charter Internet speed above. Charter scored slightly below average for satisfaction with customer service. Charter gives customers plenty of ways to get help when needed. Customers can find troubleshooting guides and information about billing policies on the Charter website. They can also contact customer service agents by email, chat, or phone 24/7. Unfortunately, many customers do not find the Charter customer service agents to be very helpful. After further analysis, we discovered most customer complaints centered around a long wait on the phone, then when the customer finally connects to a service agent, the agent doesn’t understand how to fix the initial problem. Whether the inability to diagnose the cause of service problems was due to incompetence or simply a misunderstanding somewhere in the chain of communication is unclear. What is clear, is that several customers have had problems resolving issues with their service.

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