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We have been using Clear for several years now. The service has been good and we've been happy. We recently received notice that I they were going out of business in our area. So we are in need of a new provider. Please pick me!

Liane Barker 2015-09-05

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Clear has been my internet provider for the past 4+ years. During this period the service has been very poor. Technical support often lacks professional quality. In many instances problems are not resolved and I have had to troubleshoot myself. Most of the time, because of the numerous times necessary to request assistance, the steps suggested by the tech had already been performed by me prior to the call. I found this very frustrating. Clear will no longer provide service after November, 2015 as they have merged with Sprint. They will not be missed by this customer.

Barbara Lewis Kansas City, MO 2015-08-17

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Their service is great. We've never really had any problems.The few times we've had to call, the service was top notch.

Liane Barker 2015-07-10

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It has always been very slow, but better than dial up. They are shutting down my service in November of this year no longer offering service to my area, they were bought out by Sprint. I have not been real happy with the speed by far, but the price was worth it I guess. Now I have to find another service.

Denzel Jolliff Visalia, CA 2015-06-05

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The speed and quality of the service is what's important to me. I get good service a little slow at times depending on the traffic and the price is great beats everything in my area. Clear is my provider and it is not on your list of providers.

Roberta Ross Fort Worth, TX 2015-05-25

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The service is good, but is not longer in my area. At&t and comcast are so expensive. So i am looking for the best internet provider in my area.

Eslover Sanchezbaquero Miami, FL 2015-05-19

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