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8.0 /10

"We have had the best internet service with Frontier..."

Michael Morris | Fort Wayne, IN
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The good

FiOS from Frontier can be a gem for customers looking for affordable fiber-optic Internet. It delivers Internet using technology superior to DSL and cable at comparable prices.

The bad

The various pricing and promotional options can get really confusing. Customers could easily make a mistake and sign up for a package that is more than they need. You need to fully understand what you’re getting and make sure it’s in writing.

HSI's take

If you’re looking for fiber Internet on a budget, FiOS from Frontier is a good option.

HSI Rating


Speed 8.8

Value 7.8

Consumer Interest 7.0

Consumer Satisfaction 8.3

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HSI's Assessment of Frontier FiOS


Frontier FiOS Internet speeds

Download up to

150 Mbps

Upload up to

150 Mbps

FiOS from Frontier offers five speed tiers for its fiber-optic Internet service. They range from 30 Mbps (Megabits per second) up to 150 Mbps. These speeds are not as fast as some other fiber-optic providers, but are faster than DSL alternatives. Although not all of the speed tiers are available in all areas, most Internet customers in areas where Frontier offers FiOS service, will find a package with the speed they need. The fiber-optic technology used by FiOS from Frontier is superior to DSL and cable Internet technology and delivers a consistent, clear transmission of information. Because FiOS from Frontier uses fiber-optic lines that run directly to customers’ homes, its signal is never shared or split. Cable Internet providers generally run one main line into the neighborhood and split the connection off of that one main line. The splitting and sharing causes reduced bandwidth resulting in slow and inconsistent speeds when many users are online at once. Unlike cable Internet, FiOS from Frontier maintains consistent speed, even during peak Internet usage hours.


Frontier FiOS Internet Prices

Internet Packages starting at


Top-Tier packages starting at


Frontier offers more affordable options on the low end of the speed range than other FiOS providers. Starting around $25 if you bundle with phone service, FiOS from Frontier is a great option for customers looking for high quality Internet at an affordable price. At just about $90 per month, the top-tier FiOS Internet service from Frontier is also more affordable when compared to similar speeds on other services. Customers can also expect installation fees up to about $150. Often this fee will be waived as part of a promotional offer. There will also be a broadband disconnection fee of about $10 when a customer cancels his or her service. Frontier offers a lot of different types of service agreements for its FiOS packages and they all affect the pricing. Some have a three-year price guarantee with no contract, others require a contract but with lower prices. These offers get even more complex with the TV and home phone bundles available. While the flexibility of the service options is nice, it requires potential customers to do a lot of research to get the best deal. But, if they put in the time to find the offer that works best for their particular budget and expected Internet usage, potential customers can find good value.

Customer Satisfaction

Frontier customer service for its FiOS brand is a mixed bag. It received a mediocre 5.5 out of ten on thebestcompanys.com. An independent HSI customer satisfaction survey showed similar results. Frontier offers FiOS customers 24/7 online tech support and support over the phone during business hours. Having multiple ways to get help is very convenient. n the other end of the spectrum, FiOS from Frontier has received some less-than-stellar customer reviews on several consumer websites. Most of the complaints centered around customers seeing charges on their first bills that they thought were erroneous. Whether the charges were actually wrong, or the customer just didn’t understand them, is hard to determine, but with the wide variety of service agreements and promotions Frontier offers, it’s not surprising to see some confusion. Each service agreement could have a half-dozen variables or more, and all the specifics need to be relayed to the customer, accurately documented by the sales agent, and accurately implemented by the account specialist. That leaves a lot of room for error. Frontier could benefit from simplifying its packages. Until that happens, customers need to be fully aware of what is included in the packages they order and get it in writing.

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