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Your best chance of finding Megapath service is in Arizona, their largest coverage area. You can also find Megapath in Maryland, New Mexico, Florida, and many others. It is a Other Copper Wireline provider, which means they deliver service

While Internet is important to residential customers, it is an absolute necessity for most businesses. That's why, if you are a business owner, you may want to get your Internet needs met by a company that specializes in corporate needs. Megapath fits the bill. Although this company also has residential plans, its strength is clearly in the business-class plans it offers. It you're looking for the right solutions for your company, take a look at what Megapath has to offer. Maybe you are well-versed in the communications industry and you know precisely what services you want to get for your business. Maybe you would prefer to have an expert guide you through the process of selecting and signing up for services. No matter which group you fit in, Megapath can help. Among the services offered by Megapath, you find business phone, Internet service, networking, and cloud IT solutions. Network security is one of their areas of specialization. Their security solutions protect your information and funds, as well as the information of your customers. As an Internet customer, you get Wi-Fi setup and maintenance, a private network, and various security measures. One of the largest packages available through this company is 5x5 Ethernet service. You may also sign up for cloud hosted exchange, digital voice calls, and 24/7 network monitoring. Megapath is a national company that works with many of the largest corporations in America. Their solutions are tailored to the needs of specific industries, including restaurant and retail, insurance and finance, and healthcare. You can also explore their offerings by looking at what they offer for businesses of different sizes. Their website divides plans into those for small or medium sized businesses and those for enterprise businesses. With over 20 years in this industry, Megapath can meet the telecommunications needs of your business.

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