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Midco Internet Plans, Prices, Speeds, and Availability

Midco pricing and deals

Midco internet plans


PackagePriceSpeedShop plans
Midco Internet 250$49.00/mo.*Up to 250 MbpsShop Plans
Midco Internet 500$59.00/mo.*Up to 500 MbpsShop Plans
Midco Internet 750$69.00/mo.*Up to 750 MbpsShop Plans
Midco Gig Internet$79.00/mo.*Up to 1,000 MbpsShop Plans
Midco Fixed Wireless Internetcheck provider sitecheck provider siteShop Plans
Midco Fiber Internetcheck provider sitecheck provider siteShop Plans

Midco internet and TV bundles

  • Best Overall
    Midco Internet 500 & MidcoTV 3
    • $128.00/mo.*
    • Internet download speeds up to 500 Mbps
    • Up to 135 TV Channels
  • Best for Speed and Channels
    Midco Gig Internet & MidcoTV 4
    • $158.00/mo.*
    • Internet download speeds up to 1 Gbps
    • Up to 182 TV channels
  • Best for Budgets
    Midco Internet 250 & MidcoTV 1
    • $78.00/mo.*
    • Internet download speeds up to 250 Mbps
    • Up to 78 TV channels

About Midco

Midco offers internet, TV, and phone services throughout much of the midwestern US. Plan pricing and availability will vary depending on your address, so you’ll want to enter your location on the Midco website. As an example, the Midco cable internet prices we sampled out of Fargo (ND) offered good value.

Why choose Midco for internet service?

In addition to fast and reliable internet service, Midco plans include some great perks, like unlimited data and no contracts.


  • Fast, reliable internet service
  • Unlimited data
  • no contracts


  • Variable pricing
  • Extra charge for Wi-Fi


What are Midco’s internet prices?

Midco internet plan pricing varies depending on where you live. The easiest and quickest way to find out what’s available is to enter your address on  Midco’s website.

What kind of internet is Midco?

Midco is primarily a cable internet provider but also offers fixed-wireless and fiber internet in select areas.

Can you install Midco internet by yourself?

Midco offers a self-install depending on your address, internet plan, and internet type. To check if the self-install option is available to you, enter your address on Midco’s website.

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