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I had Newwave in my home before tried getting it back but now they are telling me I can’t get it here my internet lines are still here but they say I can’t get it I love being with you guys and would love to get my internet back

Lesa Jackson 2018-04-23

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I started with Bay City Cablevision for tv & internet & have stayed through out all the change of ownership transactions. My bill has increased so many times it is absurd. The service has gone down while the price continues to rise. Enough is enough. New Wave you have lost a customer!

Amanda Smith 2017-12-29

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I can tell you they have the worst customer service I have ever experienced anywhere. I haven't had the services long enough to say if I like the internet speeds yet, but within 2 weeks I canceled cable. My decision was based equally upon features, as compared to Dish, and the horrible customer service.

Catherine Legg 2017-11-08

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I have had NEWWAVE cable & broadband for over 6 years. I love the reliability. We have huge wireless network & have no problem doing what we want. The price is high but no contract or equipment returns is awesome. Customer service sucks. The installers are LAZY. LAZY. LAZY. We like never got them to hang cable instead of bury (septic). The cable laid in back yard for 3 months. Six years ago we couldn't get them to actually put service in 2 of the rooms after they bought SUDDENLINK out.

Lori Stewart 2017-10-31

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I was told my rate would be a certain amount for a full year and then 3 months into it they add on to the price. I called and they said I was "misinformed." I know what i was told and what I signed up for. I even repeated it a couple times just to be sure and that's how it was suppose to be. They aren't reliable to keep the rate they promised and apparently they add on to your price.

Lauren Summers 2017-10-05

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These guys suck. Every month the service goes down. Last month 3 days without internet. For me that means no TV also because I stream. They act like they can adjust your bill 5 bucks and its all good. This month just started and no internet/TV. If your area has a different provider I would go with the other. These guys suck!!!!

Scott Serwacki 2017-08-06

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We had good service till New Wave took over Bay City cable. Now we loose our connection almost every night at nine pm. Then it dont come back till early in the morning. We have tried calling them about the outages but you have to wait on hold for a hour. They have fast internet but if you have a problem your out of luck!

Gregory Glowka 2015-06-28

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