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Nextlink internet pricing and deals

Plans starting at $39.95/mo.

Unlimited data

Fast wireless speeds

High termination fees

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Top Nextlink internet plans

Fastest wireless plan

Next500 Enhanced Fixed Wireless



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Best budget plan

Next50 Standard Fixed Wireless



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Best fiber plan

Next1000 Fiber



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All Nextlink internet plans and pricing

PackagePriceSpeedView on Nextlink site
Next25 Standard Fixed Wireless$49.95/mo.25MbpsShop Plans
Next35 Standard Fixed Wireless$59.95/mo.35MbpsShop Plans
Next50 Standard Fixed Wireless$69.95/mo.50MbpsShop Plans
Next100 Standard Fixed Wireless$89.95/mo.100MbpsShop Plans
Next50 Enhanced Fixed Wireless$69.95/mo.50MbpsShop Plans
Next100 Enhanced Fixed Wireless$79.95/mo.100MbpsShop Plans
Next200 Enhanced Fixed Wireless$94.95/mo.200MbpsShop Plans
Next300 Enhanced Fixed Wireless$109.95/mo.300MbpsShop Plans
Next400 Enhanced Fixed Wireless$124.95/mo.400MbpsShop Plans
Next500 Enhanced Fixed Wireless$139.95/mo.500MbpsShop Plans
Next50 Fiber$49.99/mo.50MbpsShop Plans
Next100 Fiber$79.99/mo.100MbpsShop Plans
Next500 Fiber$89.99/mo.500MbpsShop Plans
Next1000 Fiber$109.99/mo.1,000MbpsShop Plans

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Nextlink Internet Availability

Nextlink has coverage in much of the Midwest, from Eastern Texas all the way to Iowa and even Minnesota. In most of these areas, Nextlink offers internet over a fixed wireless connection, though it does offer fiber plans in some locations across Texas and Nebraska.

Enter your zip code below to see if Nextlink is available in your area.

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Why choose Nextlink for internet service?

Nextlink offers some of the fastest wireless connections around—perfect for rural customers that want to stream video or work remotely but don’t have access to wired connections. In this regard, it’s a great alternative to satellite, as Nextlink offers faster and cheaper plans.

Nextlink is also a great option if you live in an area with fiber plans, as these connections are faster, more reliable, and even cheaper than some of Nextlink’s wireless plans.

Why BRAND internet stands out from the competition

Xfinity gives more internet speed per dollar than most other major cable internet service providers. On top of that, Xfinity’s wide variety of plans and features makes it easy to find something that fits your needs and budget.


  • Unlimited data
  • Fast wireless speeds
  • Lots of plan options


  • Limited fiber coverage
  • High termination fees

How Nextlink compares to the competition

Nextlink has a substantial advantage over most other rural wireless options. Its plans are often cheaper, faster, and more reliable than satellite providers. Its biggest disadvantage is availability, as Nextlink connections require a direct line of sight to one of their broadcast antennas, mostly located in the Midwest. Satellite providers, on the other hand, can offer service to anyone with a clear view of the sky.

ProviderPlan price rangeSpeeds (range)User rating§Order online
Nextlink$39.95–$129.95/mo.*25–1,000MbpsN/AView Nextlink Plans
Starlink$110.00/mo.50–250MbpsN/AView Starlink Plans


Does Nextlink internet actually have unlimited data?

Can I stream movies over Nextlink?