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The Customer Service is polite and very informed about the services provided. The Service Tech are very courteous, clean and strive to give you the best signal possible. I have had their service for 5 years.

Carol Kelty 2017-09-22

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Being on a wireless system has a few good points and bad points. Being out in the country and getting any kind of decent internet is good. They seem to have problems with the link when a storm rolls through. Something along the path fails and we are down for hours and hours. Usually happens a couple times a year. My speed is usually not bad. Just lately connecting to sites seems to take longer for some reason, but once connected it ok. They are not a bad service at all.

Roger Hyde Rhome, TX 2014-12-23

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We have had Skybeam WISP since they bought out PVCo (WWW.PVCO.NET), which we were very happy with especially for uptime and responsiveness to our few customer concerns. Since Skybeam took over, there have been at least three long-lasting outages. We don't regularly get the download speed we are paying for/promised. Forget streaming video, making us part of the digital divide. We'd love to use Netflix or DISH online. Customer service with billing department is excellent. Customer service with technical calls are courteous but frustrating b/c much time is spent so they can try to prove the problem is on our end. They routinely suggest our router is the problem. The last time I called b/c an outage occurred while I was online, the technician spent 45 minutes trouble-shooting. He couldn't determine cause and set a technician appointment for 7 days in the future, the earliest they could come to the house. An hour later, a recorded message on Skybeam's phone announced known outage in our area. This lasted for 5 days. Back in April, it took 13 days for a service call to our house. we are currently exploring alternatives.

Karen Rae Fraser 2012-06-07

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I have had Skybeam since they bought out Partnership Broadband, which was AWESOME! Ever since Skybeam took over, there has been outages, dropped connections, S L O W transfer speeds - forget streaming video - and rotten customer service. They reassign a new IP address at a whim, without any schedule I am able to decipher, and every time it is changed, my speed drops even slower. I am looking for a good provider for a decent price. Yeah, I know. "Good Luck" to me!

Dragons Lair 2012-05-25

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