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Constantly having to reset the cable box, atleast 3-4 times a week. Customer service is very friendly, but can not resolve the issue. Switched out the box four times in five months and still constantly have the same issues. Was charged for someone to apparently fix the issue when they came out, but the issue was never fixed and still was charged a fee. I’d do satellite but with our wooded area that’s not an option for us. If you have the option do not get Suddenlink! The internet constantly goes in and out too. Save yourself the frustration and rate spikes by going a different route! I’d leave half a star if it was an option.

Jeremy Lanham 2018-06-04

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Suddenlink internet works well sometimes. The pricing keeps going up. When I signed up over the phone I was buying a modem. At installation I was told they no longer sell modems, We rent them. Cancelled service on 5/14. The day of the monthly service starts. A day late Suddenlink will not refund my money for the month. If I could give less than half star they would get it. One and a half for speed, sometimes it worked well & fast.

Dale Harrison 2018-05-16

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never really had any problem with them. Local office has great people. Call in service is always helpful

Lee Ann Garcia 2018-05-13

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Service constantly interrupted,has to be reset several times a week. stay on phone for hours trying to get customer service. Prices keep going up without notification.

K H 2018-04-21

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Customer service is great however the prices continue to increase. Overall satisfied with my provider.

Lee Garcia 2018-02-06

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The service suddenlink provides is great plus they are constantly upgrading to provide the fasted services and to keep up with the demand and growing market.

Joe Ponce 2018-01-20

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Not worth a penny. I have been with them for 7 months and there customer service dpt. is a joke. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy.

Unknown Unknown 2018-01-18

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High Speed is good but they continue to increase their prices without increasing services or value.

Linda Moffett 2018-01-05

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Our internet connectivity is on for few minutes and up to a few hours at times, then it's off and then on and off and on. We call for service and he comes out with an overview of why our issue occurs. His theory is temperature change outside causes it due to a split design of the cable going three directions from the box out front on the street. It appears we have to discontinue Suddenlink as a provider option since they cannot provide a worthy service.

Mark Hughes 2017-12-31

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Since we moved to Oklahoma we have had Suddenlink for internet and has been intermittent they would send out a tech and swap the modem which worked for about a day and it would go out again after 9 months they finally figured out it was their equipment to our home that was the problem and they tried to charge me for the service call i would use a different company but living on a military installation you aren't left with many options for providers

Tom Troms 2017-12-26

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I am a new customer to suddenlink and since I've had my bill raised or increased twice and have had to reduce services in order to continue services. It's so hard to contact a representative due to the automated system. And no one seems to want to put the customers concerns first. I hate it but my wife only keeps it cause of the TV service,bother than that I really want to switch to something else.

Rasean Smith 2017-11-14

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I am very happy with the speed of internet service and I hardly have any problems with it. I like suddenlink because they don't have outages very often and it's reliable most of the time. The only reason that they didn't receive 5 stars is because I wished the rates were better in my area or they offered some program for people that are already receiving state assistance.

Celia Arbogast 2017-11-09

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Very poor service. Service cuts out intermittently. Suddenlink says they will repair the lines, then they never come out. Blame it on my equipment, then when I replace it, they say 'oh our bad'. Prices going up and speeds going down every day. Wish there was an alternative, but I'm stuck with them.

Jeff Harris 2017-09-26

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Suddenlink has the fastest internet available in our area by far however, the cistomer service provided both in store and over the phone is terrible! They are not informative at all and the definitely are not trying to earn our business. I called for pricing and plans for new customers they were rude they gave only one one option and let me off the phone wothout trying to make the sale or offer initiative. Very disappointed in suddenlink customer care and individualization.

Desiree Van Dyke 2017-09-25

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I switched to Suddenlink because they had the fastest speeds in my area. Seems to be very stable and reliable

Pat Nelson 2017-08-11

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We switched to Suddenlink thinking it would be better than the company that was charging higher and higher before us. We were excited to try it but were very disappointed. They don't offer a very large mb package and so we literally were able to run about one device at a time without it dragging. Really wished it had worked better, and it was right about the same price as the company before us with pretty fast internet.

Jerry Edmondson 2017-07-25

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Inconsistency in billing, data speed is not what is advertised or sold bits, bytes. Mb MB Gb GB are not clearly defined nor accurate. Billing fees are not itemised the are grouped so you can not tell what your being charged for. Overages exceed the cost of upgrade packages. NOT GENIUS JUST EVIL

JC Holy Man S. Aaron Eisus Uni Peg UNIX Payne Christ Kirk Mount Pleasant, TX 2017-07-11

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I am happy with the internet speed but when it comes to any other aspect of the services they provide I am very unhappy with them and am very displeased with the price and it always gets more expensive each month never lower our family has been customers of this company for over 3 years and have never once felt appreciated as customers and have never received any type of discount or promotion for our account to show that we are valued by our provider so overall we are displeased and disappointed in our internet,phone, and cable provider.

John Powers Bolt, WV 2017-07-08

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In my review its a good provider with a fair pricing and a legitly good speed the only thing is that the reciver brakes vary often and now it no longer works.

Idaly Villanueva Odessa, TX 2017-06-29

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Speed was good but as far as the instalation and attitude of employees not for me loose cable wires in and out of my house

Samuel Niavez Amarillo, TX 2017-06-25

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Suddenlink communications boughtout Swift Wireless over a year ago. They have raised the price of their service without making any of the improvements supposedly scheduled to be completed by spring 2017. We like many who live in Cornville AZ. Have many difficulties with Internet speed and reliability of service, have considered this acceptable because of the very minimal price that Swift Wireless was charging. Now that the new company has taken over and llno improvements have been made thus far, the raised price is no longer tolerable nor acceptable. I am now looking for a new company who either only charges what their service is worth or their service is worth what is being charged.

Lindy Gardner Camp Verde, AZ 2017-03-04

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Absolutely the worst provider for cable internet service. Constantly offering promotions that are scams and raising the price at any opportunity while providing nothing for the money. Class action lawsuits abound where Suddenlink holds the market area hostage. Vote with your feet....run, run away, if you can.

John Featherstone Rockwall, TX 2017-02-21

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I feel that my local ISP offers reasonably fast internet service. I actually don't have many other options besides satellite.

Eugene Teter Elkins, WV 2017-02-02

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Suddenlink is the best of what's available in my area, but that's not saying a lot. The speed is not good, the price is high, and changes without notice. That being said, they do keep the net on in bad weather, and they did come hook me up quickly and easily.

Sandra Slack Pembroke, VA 2017-01-16

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Speed is great, when the service is not interupted for seemingly minor reasons. Highly overpriced for the few channels given and forced to pay fees for unused/unwanted items such as sports packages.

Jennifer Sumrall Whitesboro, TX 2016-12-20

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What can I say about suddenlink but its utter crap and I am convincing all my schoolmates to leave them too (the power of more leaving right?) . Suddenlink is crap they WILL hit you with charges out of no where and say they emailed them (WHICH THEY DIDNT DO) so for only internet where we had "unlimited data" which was taken away from us without knowledge or update!! They lie and only want money. Not helpful not worth the peace of mind! EVEN FRONTIER IS BETTER THAN THIS!!

Scarlette M Kingman, AZ 2016-12-16

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I work as a telecom technician on the north coast in california.. I deal with Internet reliability on a daily basis. Suddenlink is the only highspeed Internet provider that has any reliance. However there customer service is terrible, they are always billing more than they should, they do poor quality work and are usually late. They constantly hurt small business when they switch from another provider because they never port numbers or enable rollover correctly. Over all if you get your service working you are going to have a good expierence... everything else in between is terrible

Stavis Daignault Eureka, CA 2016-10-08

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Although service techs and folks on the phone in Tyler did a commendable job, Suddenlink internet speeds vary from being dropped to the contract purchase rate. My experience has been the best speeds may be had when folks are in church on sunday. Peak gaming, football, etc. demands seem to overwhelm their OVERSOLD capacity. I am not happy after upgrading components as per their recommendations. Want to buy a SB6183? Run away from these guys.

Louis Baumhardt Amarillo, TX 2016-09-24

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I am very surprised by the slow internet speeds that I get from suddenlink.i have upgraded twice,,even with my brand new hp laptop,the browsing speed is so slow here in aracata,ca...I lived one town over a couple years ago and at&t was so much faster...

Terence Seed Arcata, CA 2016-08-13

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The internet service is great with Suddenlink, have never had any problems with the Internet service.

Melinda Hazeslip Cabot, AR 2016-07-05

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Suddenlink monitors and counts every byte that leaves your home or site, then bills you for anything more that a family of four would use for their computers and wifi devices. This is the first provider in over twenty years that does that, and we can't wait to get rid of them as our provider.

Joe Bilkers Greenville, NC 2016-04-21

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Oh what to say about Suddenlink? I feel I am being ripped off with their services. We didn't receive any letters stating they were bought out by Comcast. We didn't receive any letters stating that we were going to get charged for internet usage over a certain amount. The cable portion sucks, certain channels when we had them, went totally black. I hope Comcast leaves this area and we can get out spotty, but not a horrible price internet, back.

Michele C Kingman, AZ 2016-03-17

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Sudden link, the price is high, the service is okay, but the internet speed can really slow you down, no fun right no one wants slow internet speeds. But it's not to bad if you don't mind the internet dropping lat at night then its fine.

Jonathan Abare 2016-02-26

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Great internet speed, great service, not so great price. In my local area suddenlink is the fastest internet provider at FIFTY mbs followed by HughesNet at FIFTEEN mbs. I think Suddenlink knows that they are the best in the area and they have no competition as far as speed so their price reflects them being the best. In other areas where they have more competition im sure their prices are much lower. Overall Suddenlink is a great provider.

Benson Highlander White Sulphur Springs, WV 2015-12-12

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Have decent speed, pricing is terrible and keeps going up because we don't have a competitor in our area. Customer service is good.

Deborah Else 2015-11-20

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I love suddenlink and would recommend it to other neighbors, However, the only thing I disagree with is changing the price without notice.

Senoria Taylor Greenwood, MS 2015-09-19

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If you are looking for broken or non-existent TV image display, constant disconnects from your internet, & phone disconnects.... This company is for you. All employees are courteous & service is speedy... But nothing gets resolved!

Patrice Glancy 2015-06-11

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Suddenlink services has incredible employees. suddenlink mailed out flyers to our region and I have stuck with them formerly customer of Frontier total DISASTER. With Suddenlink services If and that's a huge ' IF ' there are any issues it's resolved within moments stellar, astute technical support staff. Elsie /s/ - - -

Elsie Ganzon Kingman, AZ 2015-05-26

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Pretty good service just wish they had a tab bit better pricing

Marquis Garrett 2012-04-20

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