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The top Wisper internet plans

Unlimited data

No contracts

Plans and pricing vary by location

Enter your zip code to see if Wisper is available in your area.

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Top Wisper internet plans

Fastest fiber plan

Fiber 1GB

$105.00 /mo.

Up to 1,000Mbps

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Fastest wireless plan

Surf Max 400Mbps

Location dependent

Up to 400Mbps

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Best Value

Fiber 250M

$85.00 /mo.

Up to 250Mbps

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All Wisper internet plans and pricing

Surf Basic 5 MbpsLocation dependentUp to 5Mbps
Surf 10 MbpsLocation dependentUp to 10Mbps
Surf Plus 15 MbpsLocation dependentUp to 15Mbps
Surf Preferred 25 MbpsLocation dependentUp to 25Mbps
Surf Pro 50 MbpsLocation dependentUp to 50Mbps
Surf Extreme 100 MbpsLocation dependentUp to 100Mbps
Surf Ultra 200MbpsLocation dependentUp to 200Mbps
Surf Max 400MbpsLocation dependentUp to 400Mbps
Fiber 25M$50.00 /mo.Up to 25Mbps
Fiber 100M$60.00 /mo.Up to 100Mbps
Fiber 250M$85.00 /mo.Up to 250Mbps
Fiber 1GB$105.00 /mo.Up to 1,000Mbps

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Wisper internet availability

Wisper is available throughout rural Missouri, as well as parts of Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Wisper’s fixed wireless internet connections are available in rural areas, while it has recently begun offering fiber connections in some areas.

Are you looking for a provider in these areas? Enter your zip code below to see if Wisper is available in your area.

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Why choose Wisper for internet service?

Wisper is notable for offering plans with a wide range of speeds, from incredibly slow to reasonably fast. These options provide a welcome alternative in areas with limited internet options.

Perhaps the best thing about Wisper is what it doesn’t have—data caps and long-term contracts. Both of these benefits are rare among wireless providers and make Wisper stand out from other rural internet providers.


  • Fast wireless speeds
  • Unlimited data
  • No contracts


  • Plans and pricing vary by location
  • Limited fiber availability

How Wisper compares to the competition

Wisper’s wireless plans offer higher speeds than even cutting edge satellite services like Starlink can offer, while also surpassing many other fixed wireless providers. Again, the biggest difference between Wisper and the competition is its simplicity and flexibility, freeing customers from the burden of data caps and contracts.

ProviderPlan price rangeSpeeds (range)Order online
WisperLocation dependent*30–1,000MbpsView Wisper Plan
Rise Broadband$25.00–$65.00/mo.†25–50MbpsView Rise Broadband Plan
Starlink$110.00/mo.‡50–250MbpsView Starlink Plan


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