Weirdest Things You Can Legally Buy with Bitcoin around the World

A bus ride in Brazil? Undies from down under? College tuition in Cyprus? How will you spend your Bitcoin? Between the booms and the busts, Bitcoin continues to rise in popularity. While it started as a work-around for purchasing questionable materials online, Bitcoin has now gone mainstream both as an investment strategy and a currency. But where can you spend that currency? We found some of the coolest, strangest, and most interesting places to legally spend your Bitcoin around the world.

Check out the weirdest (and coolest) things you can buy with bitcoin in:

Africa | Asia | Australia | Europe | North America | South America

Weirdest Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin in Africa

We searched for interesting places to spend your Bitcoin across the vast and diverse continent of Africa, but most of the places we found happened to be in South Africa. We also found one in Kenya. At the places we found, Bitcoin can help you practice your aim and fill your belly. One place even lets you do both—and bring your dog.

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Weirdest Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin in Asia

As you might expect from the world’s largest continent, the variety of things you can buy with Bitcoin in Asia is mindboggling.

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Weirdest Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin in Australia

While Australia is full of interesting places to go and things to see, not a lot of them accept Bitcoin. The most interesting places to spend Bitcoin in Australia seem to be concentrated in Melbourne, but a couple of places in New South Wales also made the list.

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Weirdest Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin in Europe

Education, art, food, and beverages highlight the best uses for Bitcoin in Europe.

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Weirdest Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin in North America

In North America, Bitcoin can get you anything from fried chicken to a stay at a luxury villa—but not in the countries you may be expecting.

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Weirdest Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin in South America

Most of the cool places we found to spend Bitcoin in South America were in Brazil and Argentina. They also happened to be related to travel, at least in name.

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Weirdest Things You Can Legally Buy with Bitcoin Around the World

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White Dog Taproom—Magaliesburg, South Africa:White Dog Taproom is a dog-friendly restaurant and driving range that accepts Bitcoin. Now you can pack three weekends’ worth of activities into one Saturday without carrying any cash.
MamaMikes—Nairobi, Kenya:Get a bit of sugar with your Bitcoin. MamaMikes is like a flower shop but better. Along with flowers and chocolates, MamaMikes also delivers cakes.
South African Practical Shooting Association—Polokwane, South Africa:If you enjoy competitive shooting and don't want a bulky wallet getting in the way of your holster, use Bitcoin for your membership dues at the South African Practical Shooting Association.
Cape Coffee Beans—Cape Town, South Africa:Buy your brew with Bitcoin at Cape Coffee Beans, and be your own barista.
Ashworth Africa—Cape Town, South Africa:Book a luxury safari from Ashworth Africa with Bitcoin.
Fines4U—Alberton, South Africa:Need to go online to pay your traffic fine? Fine. The restitution collection company Fines4U accepts Bitcoin.
Honest Beef—Casino, New South Wales:Honest Beef offers grass-fed, steroid-free beef for delivery. You can order online and use your Bitcoin as payment, honestly.
Tokentools¬¬®—Wyong, New South Wales:If you're feeling the urge to meddle in some metallurgy, the aptly named Tokentools claims it’s the first welding store in Australia to accept Bitcoin.
Tomcar—Melbourne, Victoria:Use your Bitcoin to go cruisin' the dunes with an off-road vehicle from Tomcar.
UndieGuys—Melbourne, Victoria:What were you buying with Bitcoin under there? Underwear? You must be shopping at UndieGuys.
Uber Clean House—Melbourne, Victoria:Uber Clean House is an eco-friendly cleaning service that will take Bitcoin for taking out the trash.
Fernwood Fitness—Melbourne, Victoria:The Fernwood Fitness women's gym will let you do your body building with Bitcoin.
Aston Plaza & Residences—Dubai, United Arab Emirates:Use your Bitcoin to move on up to that deluxe apartment in Dubai.
Games Garage—Serangoon, Singapore:If you need a place in Singapore for your friends to get together for some serious board games, use your Bitcoin to book some time at the Games Garage.
Awabar—Tokyo, Japan:Your Bitcoin will get you a beverage at this fun, popular bar in Japan, but good luck finding a barstool.
Bali's BitIsland—Bali, Indonesia:Indonesia started an initiative to broaden the acceptance of Bitcoin throughout the country, including an island vacation in Bali.
Footsteps Outdoor & Travel Gear—Selangor, Malaysia:For the Bitcoin enthusiast in Southeast Asia who has some outdoor adventuring to do, this is the place to get your gear.
Abbelio Wines—Central, Hong Kong:Whether you’re celebrating Bitcoin's boom or lamenting over its crash, your night will be better with some wine from Abellio. Order a bottle with Bitcoin.
North America
Crescent Tide Funeral & Cremation—St. Paul, Minnesota:Not only will Crescent Tide let you pay for your final expenses with Bitcoin, but it will also give you a 3% discount if you do.
The Legends Room—Las Vegas, Nevada:If you're looking for an upscale gentlemen's club where you can pay for a lap dance with Bitcoin, you're looking for The Legends Room. It brings a whole new definition to the term "strip-mining."
Meltdown Comics—Los Angeles, California:Since Bitcoin seems like something cooked up by a supervillain, why wouldn't it be accepted at a comic shop? Unfortunately, Meltdown Comics recently announced its closing.
Mobla: Muebles e Interiorismo—León, Mexico:Use Bitcoin to brighten up your home with designer furniture from Mobla: Muebles e Interiorismo.
The FALL Tattooing—Vancouver, Canada:What's the easiest way to ensure the value of your Bitcoin remains permanent? Use it to get a tattoo at The FALL.
Island Villas Jamaica—Portland, Jamaica:This luxury Jamaican resort is bringing coins back to the Caribbean economy, but this time it’s Bitcoin instead of Aztec gold.
KFC—Vaughan, Canada:In Canada, you can order a "Bitcoin Bucket" of fried chicken and have it delivered.
Lollyphile Lollipops—Austin, Texas:BItcoin can get you gourmet lollipops from Lollyphile. Be sure to try one of the more adventurous flavors, like Merlot, Sriracha, or Blue Cheese.
South America
Las Magrelas—São Paulo, Brazil:Buy a beer with Bitcoin at this Brazilian bar and bike shop.
Brasília Metro—Brasília, Brazil:Use Bitcoin for the bus or other public transit in Brasília.
Subway—Buenos Aires, Argentina:While Bitcoin will get you a ride on the subway in Brazil, it will get you a Subway sandwich at one franchise location in Argentina.
Baires Classes—Buenos Aires, Argentina:Get personalized Spanish lessons, and let your Bitcoin help you become bilingual.
Tierra Buena—Tres Arroyos, Argentina:Order organic produce for delivery from Tierra Buena, which accepts Bitcoin.
University of Nicosia (UNIC)—Nicosia, Cyprus:Not only was UNIC the first university to offer courses on cryptocurrency, but it's also the first university to accept Bitcoin for tuition payments.
Burger King—Arnhem, Netherlands:The Burger King franchise in the Arnhem city center takes Bitcoin, as do many more businesses in the city. In fact, Arnhem claims to be "the world’s most Bitcoin-friendly city."
Bitcoin Coffee—Prague, Czech Republic:This cafe, part of Paralelní Polis, serves fresh, naturally harvested coffee that you can purchase only with cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. Ah, now that is refreshing.
Mensocks—Amsterdam, Netherlands:Order socks for any occasion from Mensocks in Amsterdam. And when it's time to foot the bill, use Bitcoin.
Mark Hachem—Paris, France:Use Bitcoin to get cultured at this contemporary art gallery in Paris. What better way to experience modern art than with modern currency?
Computerspielemuseum—Berlin, Germany:Relive the childhood that taught you to collect coins in the first place at this video game museum in Germany. Of course, it takes Bitcoin.
Armonie Sonore—Albinea, Italy:Let Bitcoin bring you peace with the resonance of a traditional Tibetan harmony bell from Armonie Sonore.
Seed City—Sheffield, UK:Okay, so this one is on the border of legality, but depending on where you live, you can buy cannabis seeds from Seed City. Then you can see which grows fastest: your plants, your mood, or your Bitcoin holdings.

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